Chapter 5. Installing Windows Software

Using the CrossOver Software Installer

The CrossOver Software Installer is an assistant that will guide you through the process of installing Windows software. It can be launched from the ConfigureInstall Software… menu.


The CrossOver Software Installer contains extensive knowledge about the specific conditions and parameters that make applications install and run well. When software is installed without using it (for instance by running Wine directly) or when it is misinformed about what's being installed (for example if one application is installed when a different one has been selected from the selection panel), suboptimal settings may be used and the subsequent application behavior may be less reliable.

Choosing what to install

The first panel displays a list of applications that CrossOver knows how to install. To install a program, select its name from the list and proceed to the next panel.

In many cases (especially for downloadable software) the assistant will immediately display the Install button. This means that it was able to pick good default values for all the other settings and is ready to begin. You may browse settings in the other panels by clicking on the title bars of each section, or proceed with a default installation by clicking Install.

If the assistant requires more information before installing, it will display a Proceed button. Clicking on it will result in a prompt for the next bit of necessary information. At any point you may adjust your selections by selecting any section of the assistant.

Supported Applications.  CrossOver has been tested and tuned to optimize the behavior of this select list of applications. CodeWeavers tech support will also provide assistance when difficulties arise with these programs.

Community Supported Applications. The users of the CodeWeavers CrossOver Compatibility Center have contributed installation strategies for a long list of applications. These programs are not officially supported by CodeWeavers, but help may be available in the Compatibility Center forums.

Other Application.  If you wish to install software that is not otherwise listed, select the Other Applicationoption. Keep in mind, though, that unsupported software may work poorly or not at all. In addition, installing it in an existing bottle may prevent the other Windows applications in that bottle from working. So it is generally recommended that unsupported applications be installed in a new bottle for testing purposes.

Before installing an unlisted application, you may benefit from looking it up in the CodeWeavers CrossOver Compatibility Center where you may find tips and tricks on getting it to work.

Service Packs and Upgrades.  Many applications require downloadable service packs to be applied for best performance. The advisability of each package is indicated by the medal rating.

Runtime Support Components.  In most cases you will not want to install the software in this section manually. Many of these packages are requirements for the successful installation of supported applications, and will be automatically installed as part of the predetermined installation process.


If a specific bottle has not been previously selected, the assistant will install the software into a new bottle whenever possible. If it detects conflicts between the selected package and the default bottle, the bottle panel will guide your installation into a more appropriate bottle.

Selecting an installation source

When installing software from a CD or DVD, the assistant will allow you to pick a volume, file or directory to use for the installation.

Volume Selection.  At this point, you should be able to select any CD, DVD, or mounted ISO or disk image. When a volume is specified, the assistant will search that drive for an installer or autorun file. This option is the default, and will work for most cases where the application comes on a disk.

Choose Installer File….  If you want to install software off your hard drive, or off a CD that contains several installers, select this option and specify the desired installer. In some cases, CrossOver will be unable to locate a default installer file when you select one of the CD options. In those cases, you will need to locate the installer file on the disk yourself, using this option.

Choose Installer Folder….  This option is useful if the content of a CD has been copied into a folder on your local hard drive. It may also be necessary if you are installing from a disk that contains multiple installers in subdirectories.

The Choose Installer Folder… option will treat the selected folder as if it was an installer disk. So if it does not contain an obvious installer or autorun file the installation will likely fail.

Downloading an installer

Many applications can be downloaded from the Internet. For most of those, the assistant can automatically download the installers for you. Make sure that you have an active connection to the Internet if using this facility.

The assistant will cache downloaded installers. So if you install the same component frequently it should only require a single download. And if you have an installer file already located on your hard drive you can always select it via the Choose Installer File… option.

Selecting a bottle for installation


In most cases, CrossOver will install the software into a new bottle and you will have no need to visit this panel.

The exception to this rule is when installing a service pack or upgrade, in which case you may need to manually select the bottle that contains the software to upgrade.

Completing the installation

Once you click Install, your interaction with the CrossOver Software Installer is mostly finished. Various Windows installers may prompt you for interaction, while the assistant keeps a running tab of the completed steps.

The Cancel buttons should be used sparingly. Canceling a step may result in an unrecoverable problem that will require you to discard the target bottle.

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