Chapter 7. Preference Settings

The CrossOver preferences are available from the CrossOverPreferences menu. The preference settings modify the behavior of CrossOver as a whole, affecting all bottles uniformly.

Preferences are stored separately for each user of a system, so changing your preferences will not impact anyone else on your Mac.

System Integration Preferences

These settings modify the way that CrossOver interacts with OS X and the Finder.

Removable volume behavior.  Anytime you insert a disk or attach a USB volume to your Mac, CrossOver can scan that volume, detect Windows installers, and offer to install them. By default, CrossOver will perform this scan automatically and ask for confirmation before installing anything. You can change this setting to override this confirmation, or to instruct CrossOver to ignore disk insertion altogether.

Default value: ask for confirmation before launching

Programs Folder.  Whenever an entry is added to the CrossOver Programs menu, an icon is added to a Finder folder for easy launching of that program in the future. This setting lets you specify where these icons are created.

A "~" character in this field represents your home folder.

Default value: ~/Applications/CrossOver

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