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Announcing CrossOver 11.3
Josh DuBois
Josh DuBois  Staff Member
Posted 2012-11-07 15:33
Hello everyone,  

On Monday, CodeWeavers released CrossOver 11.3 for the Mac OS and Linux.

This version of CrossOver includes mainly translations into several new languages, as well as some minor bug-fixes.  Last week CodeWeavers had our 'Flock the Vote' CrossOver promotion in which we gave CrossOver away for free to people who participated in the giveaway.  If you participated in Flock the Vote, you already have CrossOver 11.3.  

An important fact about CrossOver 11.3 is that this is the last version of CrossOver which will work with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. Future versions of CrossOver will require changes to the X11 libraries which are not present in RHEL5, so CrossOver will not be able to function on RHEL5 after this release.

Hurricane Sandy:

As you may be aware, we extended our Flock The Vote giveaway ( to accommodate the needs of those folks who may have been affected by Hurricane Sandy, allowing them to download CrossOver for free by visiting  With the restoration of basic services to most of the affected area, we will be discontinuing the Sandy giveaway at 10:00 pm Central Time, Friday November 9, 2012.

If you are an existing CrossOver customer with an active support entitlement, you can visit our web site to download this latest version:  

The complete changelog for CrossOver 11.3.0 is included below.  

Thank you for using CrossOver!

Best regards,  

       Josh DuBois
       CrossOver Product Manager

Changelog for CrossOver 11.3.0:

  Mac OS X:
    - Complete translations for:
      - Czech,
      - Spanish,
      - Japanese,
      - Polish,
      - Portuguese (Brazil), and
      - Chinese (China).
    - Fix for font rendering in CivIV.

    - Complete translations for:
      - Czech,
      - Spanish,
      - Japanese,
      - Lithuanian,
      - Polish,
      - Portuguese (Brazil),
      - Swedish, and
      - Chinese (China).
    - Fix a bug on Ubuntu 12.04 where Excel files would fail to launch.
   Note to Red Hat Enterprise 5 Users: CrossOver 11.3 is the
   last version of CrossOver which will work with RHEL5.  The X11 libraries
   in RHEL5 are sufficiently old that future versions of CrossOver
   will not work in RHEL5.  An upgrade to RHEL6 or newer will be necessary
   to use future versions of CrossOver.

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