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Announcing CrossOver 12.5.0

Hello all,

I am delighted to announce that CodeWeavers has just released
CrossOver 12.5.0 for both Mac OS X and Linux.

CrossOver 12.5.0 is a major step forward from previous versions of
CrossOver. CrossOver 12.5.0 includes the latest version of Wine -
the Windows compatibility technology which underlies CrossOver. Wine
1.6 brings thousands of improvements to application compatibility.

On Mac OS X, CrossOver 12.5.0 has the "Mac Driver" technology enabled
by default for all applications. This brings improved integration
with the OS X desktop environment. The Mac Driver improves functions
such as drag-and-drop, command-tab switching, Dock and Menu Bar
integration, window transparency, international input methods, and
many more.

On Linux, CrossOver has a new user interface. A list of launchers
for all installed Windows applications is present in CrossOver's main
application window. This should help situations in which CrossOver's
desktop integration is difficult to use, which can be the case with
some modern desktop environments.

We have spent substantial time improving our support for Microsoft
Outlook. We have fixed many bugs which caused Outlook to fail to
reconnect on laptops after sleeps or network changes. We have also
fixed several crashes and made numerous usability improvements.

CrossOver 12.5.0 also includes improved support for Quicken, Internet
Explorer 7, and improved compatibility with the Microsoft Office suite.

CrossOver 12.5.0 has improved Chinese language support, and runs more
popular Chinese applications than ever before. We have fixed crashes
in the Chinese versions of Microsoft Office 2010; we have added
Chinese language titles to our application database; and CrossOver is
fully translated into Chinese.

A changelog for CrossOver 12.5.0 is shown below.

As always, if you are an existing customer with an active support
entitlement, you can download our latest version from and use it. Mac customers who have
automatic updates enabled and who are entitled to this update will
receive it automatically.

If CrossOver 12.5.0 asks you for registration credentials, use the same
email and password which you used to purchase CrossOver from If you have any trouble, email
'' for help.

Thank you all for your support, and we hope you enjoy CrossOver 12.5.0!

CrossOver 12.5.0 - 2013/08/08

  • Mac OS X:

    o CrossOver's "Mac Driver" is now on by default. Because of this, CrossOver
    now supports better desktop integration on OS X, including:

    Drag and Drop.

    System Tray Icons in the Mac Menu Bar.

    Shaped windows and transparency.

    Better mouse handling for many games.

    Support for Command-tab switching in full-screen mode.

    Better integration with the OS X Dock, and features such as Exposé and


    Better international keyboard support.

    Improved clipboard (cut and paste) support.

    Support for mice with more than three buttons.

    Fixes for many window ordering problems.

    Force-feedback joysticks are supported.

    Improved input method support for non-Latin characters.

  • Linux:

    o The GUI on Linux has changed substantially. In particular, it now includes
    a menu of launchers for all installed Windows applications, which can be
    customized by the user.

  • Application Support:

    o Microsoft Outlook:

    Microsoft Outlook will now maintain its connection when the computer

    sleeps or the network configuration changes.

    Improved auto-discovery for Exchange account setup.

    Outlook will no longer crash if the Exchange server is unavailable.

    Fixed a crash when editing contacts.

    Right-click to format will now work.

    Improved NTLM authentication - you can now change your password if you

    have 'smbpasswd' installed.

    Improved sharepoint list display in profile.

    Characters can now be inserted from the character palette.

    Fixed printing of calendar items.

    Attachment preview will now work.

    Outlook Today can now be customized.

    Phone numbers now accept a '+' character for international notation.

    o Microsoft Excel:

    Fixed a crash when copying a worksheet.

    Improved macro support.

    Fixed a problem opening read-only files.

    Fixed garbage when opening xlsx documents.

    o Quicken:

    Fixed display of help topics in Quicken 2012.

    Fixed a bug in the 'Change Assumptions' function of Quicken 2013.

    o Internet Explorer 7:

    More web-sites will now work.

    Fixed a bug which sometimes caused failure during installation.

    Fixed a crash in the print dialog.

    o World of Tanks:

    Fixed a crash connecting to the server on certain Macs.

    Fixed a crash when zooming in on targets.

    o Microsoft Office:Fixed problems in which drop-down menus could not be
    o Microsoft Office 2010 Simplified Chinese Edition will now install.
    o Fixed a bug which caused Microsoft Office 2007 to fail to install on some
    o Fixed an installation conflict between .Net 4.0 and DirectX 9.
    o Fixed an installation problem with Microsoft Money 2001.
    o Fixed an issue where Microsoft Visio 2010 would not open .vxd files.
    o Fixed installation problems with .Net 3.5.
    o Fixed graphical glitches in Wizard101.
    o Fixed problems with the patcher in Pirate101.
    o Fixed a crash on login in Starcraft II.
    o Fixed crashes on install of Rift's Storm Legion expansion.
    o Fixed Rift graphics bugs on Nvidia hardware.
    o Fixed various errors in ChemSketch 12.
    o Fixed a crash in Baseball Mogul 2013 and 2014.

  • Other Improvements:

    o CrossOver 12.5.0 is based on the new stable Wine 1.6 release. This includes
    innumerable fixes for various Windows applications.
    o CrossOver can be configured for compatibility with Windows 7.

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