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CodeWeavers Lame Duck Anniversary Sale! Everything Half Off Today!
Jeremy White
Jeremy White  Staff Member
Posted 2009-10-28 09:51
Dear CodeWeavers Customer,

A year ago today, CodeWeavers created an Internet sensation.  As part of our Great American Lame Duck Challenge, we gave away 650,000 copies of CrossOver in one crazed 24-hour period.  We got mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, our servers melted to slag, and our VP Sales was driven to tears, but we had a great time, and so did thousands of our new customers.

Today, in honor of the first anniversary of our Lame Duck Giveaway, we are announcing a 24-hour NON-Giveaway!  That's Right: It's NOT All Free Today!  

Read The Press Release Here:

See the Video Here:

Actually, though, there are some pretty sweet deals to be had.  Until midnight CST tonight, October 28, 2009, *everything* is half off--new purchases, renewals--everything.  Not only that, but we're sweetening the deal even further with two great promotions:

1) If you purchase today, you will get 2-for-1 support days from now until we ship our forthcoming release of CrossOver (code-named "SNOW MALLARD").  That is, if you purchase today, and we ship Snow Mallard a month from now, we'll retroactively add *2* months of support to your account when Snow Mallard comes out, *and* you'll get it for free (of course).

2) 25 people that purchase CrossOver today will be the lucky winners of lifetime support contracts for CrossOver.  We'll be pulling their names out of the hat in the next few days. YOU could be one of those luck winners!

So, help us celebrate the craziness from last year (and our return to profitability *this* year!) and head on over to the CodeWeavers Store to take advantage of these great deals!

Best Wishes,

The CodeWeavers Team

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