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Rift crashes after update of my graphic card

Hello everybody

Maybe one of you has an idea what I can do. I already opened a ticket and the guys at codeweavers are working on it but have found no solution yet.

Two days ago I bought a new Geforce GTX 560 TI and replaced my old Geforce 9800 GT.

Everything went quite smooth and my Ubuntu 11.04 64bit without any problems.

Nvidia settings shows the newest driver 275.19 and recognizes the GTX 560 TI.

I checked the speed with glxgear and get around 10k fps which is quite nice

The temperatures in my computer case are normal.

Win XP on a separate partition works good and Rift is very fast even in "Ultra" graphic mode.

As soon as I start Rift on my Ubuntu using the latest Crossover Games I get the following situation:

  • the Rift patcher workes as expected and does the updates

  • when I start Rift for the first time, the Intro movie is shown. Then it loads the startscreen and gives the message that the renderer failed and it will start the next time in a low quality renderer mode. It does not by the way.

  • when I start Rift the following times, it crashes at around 5 - 8 % on the load screen just before the character selection page. The Rift picture usually fills the whole screen. Sometimes I manage to get another application in front of it and then am able to force a shutdown of Rift. And sometimes I have to do a manual reboot.

What I tried:

  • when I edit the rift.cfg file and enable the Legacy Renderer manually, Rift workes but of course it is no pleasure looking at it.

  • I uninstalled my NVIDIA drivers, restarted the system, installed the drivers anew and rebooted again. Same outcome

  • I created a new bottle with RIFT. Same outcome

  • I tried to find something in the forums but did not find a solution or even that the problem happened before.

UPDATE 16.07.2011, 12:20: I did a complete new installation of Ubuntu on another partition. Only installed the nvidia driver, crossover games and the rift bottle. Same outcome :(

Does anybody have an idea what went wrong and how to fix it?

Thanks Mike

Hello Michael,

Is there an option to install free experimental drivers for your card?

Does that change anything?


Hello SecretAgentSnoopy

Yes, there is. I tried it once during my solution seeking but the framerate is almost as bad as without an additional driver.

Why do you ask? Do you have a clou what could be the problem?


Hello Michael,

Do the Ubuntu graphics work as they did before the upgrade to the new card?

Does Unity run?

Are other games working?

If the graphics card doesn't work with other games, but it does work with Ubuntu, then that could be a bug in Wine.


Hello SAS

Question: Do the Ubuntu graphics work as they did before the upgrade to the new card?
Yes, HD movies, VMWare, ...

Q: Does Unity run?
same as always

Q: Are other games working?
I had Steam installed. Everything works. I separately installed WoW after my problems came up. It seemed to work. There were a few problems but at least if I used lower settings it worked. But it is hard to say because I never tried WoW with Crossover games.
Any other idea which game that works with Crossover and I could use in a trial version?

Q: If the graphics card doesn't work with other games, but it does work with Ubuntu, then that could be a bug in Wine.
hmm. You mean that my 560TI and wine do not like eachother. Then the question is if it specifically my Gigabyte card or in generell the 560 TI chips

Hopefully it can be solved fast. I do not like to have to play using my Win XP again.


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