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Crossover gaming performance? better than the others?

Can anyone tell me if crossover is worth the money?
since friday i deleted my windows and installed ubuntu


Will crossover give me more gaming performance than playonlinux / wine ?

I like playing Team fortress 2 / CS:S / any source game / valve made game

I have an ATI 5770 / core2duo 2,66 ghz


if anyone can help me out.
i dont wanna go back to the old evil windows.


ixec wrote:

Can anyone tell me if crossover is worth the money?

If you want good support on games due to the compatibility database which is updated from codeweavers and the community with tipps, tricks and ready-to-use crossties's, a nice gui integration and good bottle support (ok, that's the same with playonlinux) then - yes. But it is not as bleeding edge as playonlinux due to own patches from codeweavers to the wine source and stability tests and the whole stuff.

Will crossover give me more gaming performance than playonlinux /
wine ?

I think, it depends and you can't say it directly. playonlinux is just a gui package with precompiled wine (maybe with own patches, i haven't looked at it so deep). Wine itself is just wine from your distribution or from-source compilation. Crossover is just a gui + patches + own development with wine integrated.
Technically, it is nearly all the same if you take a look at the core - wine. If you don't want to spend money, playonlinux is ok. If you want to use a mature tested working wine with support and integration and a great community + compatibility database, crossover is great.

Give it a try, you can test crossover for some days (14? 30? not sure) without payment needs fully working. If you like it, you can buy it.

I like playing Team fortress 2 / CS:S / any source game / valve made

You can look at the compatibility database about the rating. Please be careful. There are CodeWeavers official supported games where the ranking can be gold which means - working perfect ; or there are non CodeWeavers supported entries which are commented by the community. It may happen that a community "gold" is not a fully "gold" as you think "gold" should be, but most of the time it just works.
And - be careful if you look at games which are DRM protected. Many games works on steam via distributed downloads (which have another protection or just none) or via media installation. The media installations have sometimes copy protection which just don't work on linux.
But that's a same main problem with playonlinux and wine itself.

I have an ATI 5770 / core2duo 2,66 ghz

If wine or playonlinux works on your pc, then cx should also do.


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