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Star Wars the Old Republic

so im testing star wars the old republic and this is the first time ive used crossover games. Im testing how this works on my wifes mac so im curious if anyone has tested swtor with 10.2 yet?

So far I was able to install the launcher and its currently downloading updates. What prompted me to post this is its only downloading at 130 kb/ps and we have a 10mb/ps connection. Ive verified the connection to the server on my pc so i know its on her end.

Curious if there are any known connectivity issues with Lion and crossover games 10.2?

edit so it was a server side issue. I just paused the connection and resumed and was downloading via patcher just fine.

The game is patched completely and I'll attempt to launch the game this evening when beta goes live. I'll post results at some point this weekend. I noticed this game was labeled as "incompatible" on version 10.1.1 running Lion? No notes as to what point the game would fail so I dont know if it failed to install or to launch. I will definitely update the status of the game here when I find out.

This is really what determines if I purchase crossover games or not so without purchasing I'm pretty much limited to giving feedback here in this thread since I lack the "exp" to do so in the compatability section.

edit found the proper forum for this discussion. Continuing discussion there;forum=1;msg=114194

Depending on the status of the various things that make TOR work behind the scenes, you may have it just work day of launch, or need a few weeks/months for the devs to figure out what is broken and why.

That said, it should work eventually, the big question is how soon. My bet is between this and Neverwinter, we should see them supported faster than other MMOs due to popularity and existence of the game engine out there already.

I would check here and over at

This is the community version of wine's support fora for TOR. Apparently its working mostly already. I am sure that by release you should be good to play.


I'll keep my fingers crossed that it functions at release. I was actually able to get to the loading splash screen and just halted. Normally you would see a small blue spinning circled in the lower right side of the screen that shows the server loading but I didnt even get that.

I think you can blame BioWare servers more than anything else regarding download speeds. I've never had a problem with download in any build of wine, cxwine, or vanilla CrossOver. That being said, I've found that wine likes NVIDIA cards more than AMD cards for whatever reason.
Also, have you tried the directx9 winetricks package?

is winetricks built into crossover games? Im in very unfamiliar waters when it comes to Wine and even the Mac OS so forgive me for my misunderstanding. Also, my demo expires in 2 days so unless I can work this out I wont be purchasing it.

I've found this info regarding winetricks:

Install cabextract using your distribution's package manager.

­sh winetricks d3dx9

In winecfg, add swtor's launcher.exe to the list of applications.  Select it.  
In the "Windows Version" dropdown box, select Windows 7.  
Select the "Libraries" tab.  
In the "New override for library" dropdown box, select d3d9.  Click "Add".  
Click OK to exit winecfg.   

I'll just say, I have no idea what to do with any of this. I was hoping to find a simple solution by using Crossover Games. At my technical level, I dont find this easy to understand and is a bit beyond me.

I did see some things in the bottle settings in crossover games that look familiar to the above, just not sure what it does or if i should mess with it.

Oh, I should also add the prelaunch started today and SWTOR still doesnt work using Crossover Games unfortunately.

Its a bit different sadly, as I do rever winetricks as a great solution. That said, I decided to start a google docs sheet that has the correlations.

According to what I found this will do the trick for dx9 winetrick:

Install that into your TOR bottle. As I do not currently own the game as of yet (too busy in EVE and STO), I cannot attest to any level of success as of today. But try it and post over on the TOR forum here what your success/failure is.;app_id=7626


This game is now released on mac, so crossover is not necessary! however on my iMac SWKOTOR runs better via crossover :)

Niklas wrote:

This game is now released on mac, so crossover is not necessary!
however on my iMac SWKOTOR runs better via crossover :)

Um, I don't see anywhere that states SWTOR being released for the Mac. Maybe you know something we don't? says nothing about Star Wars the Old Republic running on a Mac.

Hi Niklas,

Niklas wrote:

This game is now released on mac, so crossover is not necessary!
however on my iMac SWKOTOR runs better via crossover :)

Be careful.

This thread is about SWTOR - Star Wars - the old republic (the MMO)

You maybe mean:
which is SWKOTOR!


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