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Advocate Culling
Jon Parshall
Jon Parshall  Staff Member
Posted 2012-02-29 11:46
This is just a head's up to the community that we're going to shortly begin the unfortunate task of culling those Advocates that have not had any activity in the past 180 days.  We will notify these Advocates that they are in danger of having their Advocate status revoked: if they have not made any further contributions to the Advocate community within 30 days, they will no longer be Advocates.  Please note, however, that the current policy is that any Advocate that has achieved the rank of Chief Senior Advocate (900 XP) is immune from culling.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you again for all your hard work; it really means a lot to us.

Best Wishes,

-jon parshall-
Alexander Mouschovias
Posted 2012-03-15 03:16
I know that I've seen the list before, but can't find it now. What actions as an advocate earn XP, how much, etc? Thanks!
Posted 2012-03-15 03:43
You can find the whole list here.
Björn Kalkbrenner
Björn Kalkbrenner Dragon Turbo Chief Senior Advocate
Posted 2012-03-15 03:44
Alexander Mouschovias Posted:
I know that I've seen the list before, but can't find it now. What actions as an advocate earn XP, how much, etc? Thanks!

Take a look at
That should answer your question ;)

Posted 2012-04-09 14:48
This was actually a wake up call for me, i believe i was on that list before! it reminds me that if i do good work then it will be repaid :)
J-P Simard
J-P Simard Omniscient Mystical Exalted Nigh-invincible Supreme Raging Atomic Dragon Turbo Chief Senior Advocate, Rank 4
Posted 2012-04-09 15:12
A reminder for me too, but also a rediscovery.  The community here is very friendly and when you do help out, it's very satisfying.  Dont know why I wasn't more active.
Ishani Turbo Chief Senior Advocate
Posted 2012-11-15 03:16
While I have had serious fun as an advocate (I always tried to install uncommon stuff, and half of it all was a disaster), I have no time because of increased work pressure.. and this will continue for 6 more months. Request you to please remove me as an Advocate or to put me in Hibernation for a while (if that's an option). Thank you very much in advance!
And also, I never received my Swags!! :(
This issue has been forwarded to the Official CodeWeavers Ticket System.  If you have observed this issue and would like to report it as well, please open a support ticket or send an email to with a description of what you are seeing and a link to this post.

Thank you!
The CodeWeavers Team

Ishani Turbo Chief Senior Advocate
Posted 2012-12-25 11:31
Okay, thank you for your patience, I am BACK! Again trying the impossible, have posted all screenies possible, trying to install LivePerson messenger, no, I will never learn, but some help would REALLY be appreciated!

My post is here!

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