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Steam GUI has gone crazy!

Please help! Steam and a few games have been running perfectly until I tried to instal Skyrim vi the official Skyrim support optimisation listed in crossover's 'supported' list and now Steam's GUI has cone crazy! how do I reset it without loosing all my stuff? (to be more specific it all disappears and then disappears, there's a lot of flickering and then when it does appear it is locked to a small portion of the screen and thinks it is in full-screen mode.)

Crossover is running something called 'wineloader' as well as 'steam' both with the same icon, it's really confused!

UPDATE: I can quit the steam icon and it continues to run through the 'wineloader' but if i quit the 'wine loader' both quit. So how to I get rid of the 'wineloader' and get it to go back to how it was originally ?

UPDATE: I tried clicking the repair/remove thing in 'manage bottles' but it just deleted steam so I'm just going to have to reinstall.

If you tried to install Skyrim in the same bottle as your other stuff, you probably installed two Steams. This double install of Steam is probably what screwed things up. The Skyrim install via Crossover downloads and installs steam and commands steam to install Skyrim.

There are therefore two way of doing things.

1) Use the crossover install, but keep games separate in their own bottle. This is the safest choice, but there is a loss of disk space by doubling the steam files. But you won't have a double install of steam in the same bottle.

2) Install one steam game via Crossover (like Skyrim), and then ignore the Crossover procedure and just install through steam as you would do in windows, so as to have just one bottle.

I tend to use 2), as that also means all your windows games are in one Steam install and are easier to manage/start. Up to now, I never had any problems, but others swear by method 1).

The Skyrim crosstie file now enables the experimental Mac Driver, which improves performance in Skyrim itself due to mouse movement fixes.

The Steam GUI will behave differently but should generally work with the Mac Driver. However, if you are having trouble, the first thing I would try is to turn off the Mac driver in your steam bottle. You can do that by using the 'Manage Bottles' window, navigating to the 'Advanced' tab, and disabling the Mac Driver.

Note that Skyrim won't work nearly as well with the Mac Driver disabled. If you experience problems with steam using the Mac Driver, please feel free to file tickets about those. Some things are known to be sub-optimal, still, with that feature turned on. If you simply don't like those, or find the Mac Driver isn't good for your other Steam games, you will have to either make a separate bottle for your non-Skyrim Steam games, or turn the Mac Driver on / off as you play Skyrim.

Hope that helps,


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