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AİON ONLİNE ON MAC IOS 10.7 (I need help)

guy i dont know how I can install the game. as you know I must use gameforgelive but ı couldnt work it on my mac :/ I need information and lots of details

Hi! Im able to run Aion on my Macbook Pro Retina OS X 10.8.4. Btw I also downloaded the new launcher. But it wasnt able to install Aion. And my PC-aion was fully updated, though the launcher was not gameforge was just gameforge. Original i think....

I copied the "gameforge" folder (21 gb) (user/blablabla/Program Files (x86)/Gameforge. Here there were two folders, Aion-Free-To-Play and NC launcher. Both are needed, as I found out the launcher stores downloads in the NC folder.) on my windows pc (going over to mac now.. lil sad hehe) onto my Macbook Pro. I pasted it inside some hidden folder where Crossover stores its program list... i ran the aion free to play launcher with the command to open aion.bin. It worked. Well first it didnt work. Crysystem.dll failed to load it said. Then i tried installing .net framework into its bottle. Didnt work. Then i installed DirectX9, and it worked.

The problem i have now however, is that it is not able to connect to authorization server. :/ But i was very happy i was able to launch it.

I first installed the launcher as the bottle. Then i moved the files to that bottles file "Program Files", so that it would "find it there". By showing where aion.bin where, it probably found the rest it needed.

Look here:

Or here: (same text). Its how i made it work. I´ll put in more details here if i have time. For now, here you have this.. :)
Hello guys! Dont be alarmed by the length of this.. :) Last part is just there if "Short summary" wasnt enough for you..

My problem: Error code "Cannot connect to authorization server", on a Mac running Crossover, which is running Aion (gameforge/europe version). What can I do to fix this problem, and be able to login to my account? To check that this was not a server issue, I tested this on my windows pc; I was able to login there just fine..

And I read on a Wine forum a user who got the same error, and that he was able to fix it by using the correct ip and port in some (long) command line. But im not using a long command line like that; im just using Crossover. :P

Now since its working on my windows pc, why not just play it there? Well, im going completely over to Mac, and I want to be able to play some good games there as well. :D

Short summary of "Background info" (see far below for longer version of this short summary):

  • I was able to launch Aion through Crossover after some trial and failure.
  • I was not able to login to my account. Error popped up.
  • I tried installing a network driver for windows into the same bottle that the game ran from. Wasn´t able to install the driver ("computer not supported...."-error). Not sure if i really need a network driver inside the bottle.
  • Cant launch the launcher without "linking" the aion.bin file location in the command. Then the game launches, not the actual launcher itself. Therefore i cant check what region it is set for. How can I launch the Aion launcher ("AION")?
  • I checked all internet settings in my Mac´s system preferences. Nothing there to help me, at least that I knew of.
  • I checked my antivirus, Bitdefender, where there was only one option that had something to do with internet. That was the "Exclusions" list. Tried adding the aion.bin´s filepath to that list. Did not work since the file path is hidden. The popup window wasnt able to show hidden files, and I didnt find a way to view hidden files (im able to see hidden files elsewhere though --> Path Finder program).


Background info:
Aion couldnt be automatically installed with Crossover, so I figured if I copied my aion files from my windows pc to my mac, that I could make Crossover run it. With a little help of the internet, I ran the aion launcher with a command. The command was "linked" to where the aion.bin file were. It launched. Got an error. Added ".net framework" to the bottle. Same error. Added "directx9" to the bottle, and the game launched.

Now when i typed in my login information, a message popped up saying "Cannot connect to authorization server". I had my windows pc on as well, and found that it was able to log me in just fine. I wondered if i needed a network driver inside the bottle, so I tried to install one, but got an error saying that program wasnt supported for this machine.

So are there any Crossover/Aion experts out there that have a solution? Im not able to check if region is set correctly, because when i open "AION" (.ink because the original .exe got turned into .ink so that Crossover could run it), the launcher doesnt run; the game just starts running.

I also checked all internet settings on my mac; i didnt find anything that could help me there. And im using Bitdefender antivirus, and since the Mac version of Bitdefender has much less features, the only feature that could help me (that i can think of) is the "Exclusions" list. I tried to add the file path to the aion.bin file, but the popup window wasnt able to navigate there since its a hidden location.

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