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When you want to install steam games without a Crosstie?

Do they just show up on the list as they usually would or how would you find the file to start the installation. Pretty much, if I wanted to install a steam version of a game that doesn't have a crosstie how would I do this?

Install windows steam, install game from steam. At least, that's what I do.

Unless your game is Linux native, the Linux steam client is useless. You can't run windows games from Crossover through your Linux steam client. Windows game = Window Steam, and there's no way out of it for as far as I know.

I have the same question. I'm on a Mac, but since the Steam game I want to play is only available on their Windows client, I'm running Windows version of Steam through Crossover. But when use this to install and load the game (Tropico 4, which doesn't have crosstie, but which is rated Gold for crossover), it is unplayable due to graphics problems, so I want to try working around Steam and directly installing it on my computer to run straight through Crossover. Make sense? So like Bob, I'm wondering how to get the .exe or whatever file so I can point the Crossover installer to it.

I'm new to this and hope I'm explaining it properly. Any help much appreciated!


What you want is to bypass steam and that won't happen, nor will it help, and here's why.

Steam is not just a distribution platform, it's also a DRM system. So yes, Steam does allow you to download your games to your computer. But every time you start your game, Steam servers authenticate your local copy as authorized. Games distributed on CD/DVD will often use those media to authenticate the copy, games that are on steam use Steam and are specifically coded for that. So even if you start the game's exe directly, it will expect Steam to be running. Even further, if you look at shortcuts created for specific games, you will see that they actually start steam first. So going around steam would in effect require something that is usually illegal in most countries, like a cracked executable.

So unless you have a DVD for your games, you have to go through Steam, period.

It won't help to circumvent Steam anyway. I have used steam on Windows and now on Linux (native and Windows versions) and have never had a graphical problem related to Steam. The problem with graphics always comes from somewhere else. In your case, I would point fingers at your Intel video card.

Most sites list the bare minimum as Geforce 6600 or higher or Radeon X1600-Series for Tropico 4. I don't believe your Intel card matches that. Intel has made great strides in video card development, but they have yet to produce a video card truly capable of running games. Depending on the game, your mileage may vary. You machine is a beautiful beast, but has been built with a workstation video card, not a gaming video card. If you really need this running, check if there isn't some update to your video card's driver, as that might help. Knowing a bit about the Mac ecosystem, I doubt there is a better driver out there, but it doesn't hurt to check.

Unfortunatly, if you plan to play games, you should stay away from Intel video cards at this time. I imagine you didn't have much choice in the matter for a MacBook Air.


Sorry, now that I've got that out of my system - @J-P, thank you for your response. Other than being bad news, it's all I could have hoped for - thorough, clear and even compassionate! Yes, I couldn't get better than this Intel card in the MacBook Air. I will see if there are any other workarounds, but now aware that it's probably my graphics card. Gah!

I do feel your pain, and sorry for being the bearer of bad news. I just thought you ought to know the whole story.

When buying hardware, Mac or PC, it always feels like if your getting "screwed" in some area, even more so in anything even slightly mobile. Good news is, Intel cards do take a lot less power, so you are making more out of your battery. 😀

The Air is still a great machine. Enjoy!


I tested the demo for Tropico 4 on my Macbook Air. All you need to do is set the "useGLSL" registry key to "enabled". Follow this guide:

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