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world of tanks/wargaming game center
Posted 2019-05-24 02:11
hi guys,

I'm having issues with the world of tanks install. The WGC stops after afew seconds and it only tries to install the NA client.

The WoT NA client is useless to me,as i play on the WoT Asia client.these are 2 different servers and regions which you need different accounts.

I'd like to know is there a work around just to get the WGC to run on the Linux crossover client?
I do have the windows game clients so I should only need to patch them if there has been an update from last week.

thanks for any help,
Denis Pynkin
Denis Pynkin
Posted 2019-09-01 16:07
Have the same issue with CrossOver.
Guy from WG shows me the screenshots of WGC, WoT and Caliber running on top of vanilla Wine v.4.11.

And I just test PlayOnLinux with last available Wine v.4.15 -- at least WGC works as well:
-  Need to use "Windows 7" OS since they broke the compatibility with WinXP .
- Need to install system package or into user's configuration adding MS core fonts.
- Not sure if that helps or not, but added libs `msvcr110` and  `msvcp110` into overrides (the old suggestion for WoT, he-he :))
- Install WGC into the new bottle.

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