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How do I configure Wine to let Windows Manager control the windows?
Dora Smith
Dora Smith
Posted 2019-07-18 22:22
I just installed Rootsmagic in Crossover, and it is running far better than any of my other efforts to get it to run on this computer have.

I am running Ubuntu 18.04 on an Intel board, 2nd generation i5 processor, older AMD video card.  

Rootsmagic works fine in Windows 7 on this computer.  It worked fine in Wine in Ubuntu 14.04 on my Core 2 Duo computer.   It worked fine on my laptops running Ubuntu 14.04.  

In Playonlinux it has a horrible lag where it temporarily freezes.   It is especially hard to use the Name bar on the side to find who you're looking for.  

I installed it in Windows 7 in VirtualBox and the problem got worse.   Installing system as distinct from Chrome Flashplayer, and msxml6 helped but I still got the lag.

Nothing else has this lag, in Playonlinux or in Windows 7 in virtual box.   Just Rootsmagic.

In Crossover I can atleast move from field to field and do commands everywhere except in the names sidebar, so I've got the program useful but buggy.  

My old notes say that I originally had trouble with Rootsmagic on my old computer due to some kind of issue with the display drivers and inability to use advanced options, which I really need to use anything ELSE.    I had to change from Unity to Gnome, and disable advanced display options and/OR configure Wine to let Windows manager control the windows, which I think let Windows Manager control the graphics.  

With Crossover, how do I configure Wine to let Windows manager control the windows?  

Is there another way to prevent Ubuntu video bugs from interfering with Rootsmagic function in Crossover?  


Dora Smith

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