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After trying various distros, I settled on PCLinuxOS.
[ to my thinking, the most windows like experience ]
Anyway, it seems like texstar, kind of does his own thing,
which is fine by me, but I was wondering how nicely crossover plays with pclinuxos…
My only interest in crossover is running some 32bit window programs.
I did install their version of wine, but everything is 64bit and my little 32 bit programs won’t run.

some miscellaneous information, thanks for reading:
I’ve been out of the loop, oh, for over a decade now, and it seems a bit confusing trying to get back in the saddle.
I have been using crossover v10 on my mac pro running snow leopard forever, it seems like.
I play this one windows game with my brother:
Treadmarks crossover compatiblilty post
[ yeah, that’s my posting back in july 2006 ]
[ the game itself, treadmarks was released back in 1999 ]
the game works flawlessly with crossover v10.2.0 on my snow leopard mac pro, so if it ain’t broke I don’t fix it.
But 15 years later, my early 2008 mac pro won’t last forever. So I thought, I’ll look into linux.

Anyway, not exactly sure what I am trying to say,
just wondering how to get 32bit windows programs to run on my 64bit pclinuxos computer.


Hello. When creating the bottle in which you install the game, make sure to make a 32-bit bottle.

ok, thanks.
i'll look into this in the near future,
when i have some spare time.

Alright, tried the game on a MacBook Air M1 with macOS 13.1 (I know it isn't Linux, but macOS doesn't natively support 32-bit applications anymore since Catalina, launched on late 2019), created a 32-bit Windows 7 bottle and installed the game from here. Works flawlessly, and the only issue is that I'm clearly atrocious at playing it. Will try it on my Linux PC tomorrow, but it seems to work fine. I'll let you know.

ok, thanks,
that's good to know.
it's a fun little game.

Welp, forgot to try it on Linux. It works like a charm, too. Like last time, tried on a Windows 7 32-bit bottle.
Have fun!

interesting, very good.
what i have always appreciated about treadmarks
is that i was able to gain proficiency in it, using only
the 4 arrow keys and the space bar. the mouse is not my friend in games.
that, and the fact that a 1999 game incorporated deform-able terrain.
you can destroy and create all background elements, while playing the game.
it makes it fun to play. anyway, thanks!!

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