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Outlook / Exchange authentication issues
Chris Shelton
Chris Shelton
Posted 2011-02-09 14:30
I've noticed a couple of support tickets recently talking about issues with outlook having trouble authenticating to exchange servers, specifically:

I have also encountered very similar problems, and believe that I have a big clue as to the cause.  I believe that versions of samba in the 3.5 series include a version of the ntlm_auth helper that does not work with exchange authentication.  Samba 3.4.9 includes a version of ntlm_auth that works fine.

I upgraded samba to version 3.5.6, then starting having authentication issues when using outlook to authenticate to an exchange server.  Basically, entering the correct credentials resulted in a reprompting for authentication.  After I downgraded to samba 3.4.9, this authentication process has been working perfectly.  My documentation from an earlier round of samba upgrades & downgrades indicates that I had this same problem after upgrading to samba 3.5.2.  

My system is running Gentoo linux, which has samba 3.4.9 marked as the current stable version and 3.5.6 as the testing version.  I very recently upgraded from crossover office 9.1.0 to 10.0.0, and both versions of crossover have the same issue.  

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