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'pro_10.2.0-1_amd64' DEB install fails missing dependencies

So I download the DEB file for '-pro_10.2.0-1_amd64' and try to install it. I get errors about dependencies.

prompt$  sudo dpkg --install ia32-crossover-pro_10.2.0-1_amd64.deb                        

[sudo] password for XXXXX:                                                                

Selecting previously unselected package ia32-crossover-pro.                               
(Reading database ... 180822 files and directories currently installed.)                  
Unpacking ia32-crossover-pro (from ia32-crossover-pro_10.2.0-1_amd64.deb) ...             
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of ia32-crossover-pro:                    
 ia32-crossover-pro depends on libc6-i386; however:                                       
  Package libc6-i386 is not installed.                                                    
 ia32-crossover-pro depends on ia32-libs | ia32-apt-get; however:                         
  Package ia32-libs is not installed.                                                     
  Package ia32-apt-get is not installed.                                                  
 ia32-crossover-pro depends on lib32gcc1; however:                                        
  Package lib32gcc1 is not installed.                                                     
 ia32-crossover-pro depends on lib32nss-mdns; however:                                    
  Package lib32nss-mdns is not installed.                                                 
 ia32-crossover-pro depends on lib32z1; however:                                          
  Package lib32z1 is not installed.                                                       

dpkg: error processing ia32-crossover-pro (--install):                                    
 dependency problems - leaving unconfigured                                               
Errors were encountered while processing:                                                 

I'm sure this is a cockpit problem on my end. Can anyone shed some light?

My workstation is Linux Mint-15, 64-bit, on an Intel i5 with 8GB ram.

Thanks in advance,

Debian, and therefore the derivatives (including Mint and Ubuntu) are switching to a "multiarch" architecture to handle 32bit. During that transition, some stuff has become "problematic". The multiarch transition is causing problems with Crossover 12.5.0. The next version, 12.5.1 will correct the situation, and a few advocates are testing as we speak, along with the devs own testing. I don't know when the official release will be.

For the time being, you can look at this thread...

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