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Office 2013

Much as I hate using MS products unfortunately in my line they are a necessary evil.

I have just downloaded my new version of office 2013 which my employer happily provides for us under a special license and very low cost 😊

Has there been any official word from the guys at Crossover on when we might expect support for it? I know M$ made major changes to Office for this release and it will probably take some time, but it would be useful to have an idea when we might see support?

Many thanks guys keep up the good work!


I have no idea as to when office 2013 will be supported by crossover but just for information purposes I just found out that MS skydrive is open to any one whether you are on Windows , Linux or Mac. I'm a linux user and set up an account last week and now have access to online word, power point, exel and onenote they do not have the full power of office 2013 but give all access to office.

Hi Gary,

Thanks for that info its very useful f I get really deperate, but im not sure I need yet anther cloud based service for my docs...I use google for that....(I have a chromebook running ubuntu).

I guess we will just have to wait....pity really....



" I guess we will just have to wait....pity really.... "

it will take a little while for CX to catch up to any latest release, - like M$o 2013

  • it does take a while to get any piece of software to work, - under wine
    & some may never be able to run under wine 😭

but, - that's just the way it is ..

  • when we moved away from the M$ way of things, - there were always going to be some sacrifices to be made .. ..

I tried getting a demo of office 2013 running under wine and it wasn't pretty :(

Fortunately, my employer also had licenses for office 2007 which runs quite well under crossover (see for instance).

If there is any chance you can get you hands on a 2007 license, I would recommend it until 2013 is supported :)

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