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Newbie - How To Install On Arch 2013.11.01?

New to Linux and just wanted to see what was possible - finally have Arch running with Gnome 3 and downloaded the trial of Crossover.. however I don't know what to do with the downloaded .bin file - can anyone help?

You need to make the file executable, then run it. It will unpack then.

First, there is a AUR entry for Crossover, but it is a bit dated.

For the bin file, in a terminal:

If you want a single user install, with all the stuff in your home.

chmod +x install-crossover-13.0.0.bin

If you want a system wide install, making Crossover available to every user:

sudo -s
chmod +x install-crossover-13.0.0.bin

Further, this will not install the dependencies. There is a fairly adequate dependencies list in the AUR entry for Crossover.

Honestly, this was mostly in the manual for Crossover, which an Arch user should have read since intending to use Arch. And yes, I use Arch too.

Thanks for your reply - earlier I right clicked it and checked the Execute box. It the seemed to set the default application association to "Disk Image Mounter" - but opening doesn't seem to have any effect.

Will try the cli method - thank you.

If you whish to go the "easy" route, it needs to be associated with "sh". I would avoid that if I were you for security purposes. The terminal rules.

And disk image mounter won't have an idea what to do with that kind of bin file.

Hi, managed to get it installed via the command line - just been something of a leap so far (though not too dissimilar from the old AmigaDOS. Thanks for the pointers so far.

DOS? Really?

You haven't choosen the most newby friendly OS with Arch. That being said, you will find that the terminal is more powerfull, and oddly, is in its own way, more user friendly than much graphical crap out there. When the computer does too many things for you it screws up, like thinking that bin file was a disk image.

Anyway, you chose to be an Archer, so the terminal will become your best tool very quickly.

Yup, was looking to try Gentoo but ended up with Arch. And there seems to be a lot of comparisons to AmigaDOS (1980's) so far. Took me a few hours to work out how to get the server I have it installed upon to connect to the outside world (gateway was on an alternate subnet) - but has been fun so far and the lessons learned more meaningful to me.

Thanks again for the pointers.

Yes Gentoo is a great one too, but it is beyond the point of no return for me. It take too much time to install, too involved, if you plan on being productive quickly. At this time, I can install Arch just as quickly as Ubuntu. And by install, I mean the base system, plus every little gadget I usually want for my desktop.

But contrary to Ubuntu, you actually get to learn your system's configuration from the start. So Arch is a great "middle ground" where you actually learn lots of stuff, while still not wasting too much time.

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