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Documentation on making unsupported applications work
Frederick N. Brier
Frederick N. Brier
Posted 2010-12-10 00:22
Is there any documentation on making unsupported applications work?  I read a few suggestions such as installing IE7 or setting the virtual desktop.  For instance, where are log files when an application fails to start up?  Is there a place where you can search for error messages and documents that say, "if you see this..., then install this supporting package", or... "change this setting".  I have a number of applications I would like to get working under Linux, but except for Microsoft Word, I am not having a lot of luck.  I am a fairly competent developer, and would love to succeed and share my success.  What are the debugging tools for CrossOver?  Thank you.
Artist Formally Known as Dot
Artist Formally Known as Dot Advocate
Posted 2010-12-10 02:00

 Unfortunately this documentation is a bit all over the place
in the wiki at present, and there's a lot of debugging information
available for mainstream Wine which is equally applicable in the
Crossover situation...I did hoist an 'umbrella' ticket on this a
week or so ago, and I believe the current resolve was one of this,
manual intervention, and pointing folks in the right direction...

The first three topics there are pertinent, and wrt the second item
you can go see;

You use the methodology of how to create a debug log, as you would
in mainstream wine with the $WINEDEBUG env_var, specifying which
specific debug channels you believe are worth exploring. As a base
start-point, I always use +seh,+trace,+ntdll as it usually discloses
the most relevant information as to why an app is failing/crashing
or doing something else weird, and it gives you enough of a clue as
to what -other- debug channels are worth investigating.

It's always worthwhile seeing if there is a AppDB entry for the app
in question, over at WineHQ...some many times, solutions to problems
found by users there are typically applicable to Crossover as well.

There's also this page..;


....and somewhere in this lot is more information that can turn
out to be useful...;

....and the app's forum itself of course, or the Tips&Tricks section
of the app C4 page (if it exists)....err...umm....I think that's all of it...

...oh...I think your first question is answered by...;



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