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Installing version 12

I downloaded version 12 32 bit, today and tried to install in to Ubuntu. I already had version 11 installed. It tried to install via Ubuntu software Centre but informed me that this conflicts with the current Trial version (It was not a trial version, as I registered it as payed). So I uninstalled version 11 and tried to install again but this is not working. I tried downloading as per instructions via the Terminal but still no luck.

Could you advise me? Thank you.

Exact same error I'm getting. Not sure whats going on. Have the RC version installed from Ubuntu's software center. Uninstalled and still says have a conflict with crossover-trial-bin:i386 (Running 64bit ubuntu)..

Tried to install 32bit version thinking maybe because the SC installed 32bit that I had to update that path.. no joy.. confused..

Please help us!

The Crossover .deb isn't able to upgrade in place, so instead open your package manager and do a Typical Removal of the already installed Crossover, and then run the new Crossover 12 .deb. This won't affect your installed Windows software, that's stored separately from the Crossover binaries.

If Crossover still won't install then your package manager might be stuck with some half-installed packages. Open a Terminal and run

sudo apt-get -f install

to make the package manager clean itself up and then try installing the Crossover .deb again.

To clarify - the Crossover .deb package could not be upgraded via the Ubuntu Software center earlier in the 11.x branch. You should always have been able to update an existing .deb install of Crossover in terminal via:

$ sudo dpkg -i crossover_12.0.0-1_i386.deb

(provided there wasn't some sort of package conflict or some other nefarious force working against you).

Now, as of Crossover 12, you should be able to update an existing install (provided it's a recent build of Crossover, i.e. 11.3.1 to 12.0.0) by opening the .deb file in the Ubuntu Software center and choosing "upgrade".

with any Debian based O/S - you should always uninstall a program using the inbuilt 'synaptic'

  • general removal, firstly.
  • complete removal - if there is still any issues.

In Ubuntu 10.04.1, the Software Center does not show an upgrade option for 12.0.0. The dpkg -i method above works uneventfully for 12.1.0 so long as one first relocates to the directory where the deb file is.

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