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Crossover really REALLY slow with 12.0 and 12.1

I've had a great time with Crossover over the years, and have pulled a few people in.. but I found with 12.0 update I've told them all not to upgrade and stay the course for awhile :)

With 12.0 all my (existing) bottles are ..

1) taking MUCH longe to load up (games here, such as Steam -> Civilization IV, but any game I've tried is the same)

2) Display glitch .. it seems sometimes the game has updated the display by its not 'taken', and a moment later poof, it'll update; feels like its rendering offscreen and forgetting the final blit, like a double buffer gone bad. Main gameplay doesn't seem impacted, but commonly a menu will open up, and nothing shows.. and a few seconds later, the menu appears. Mind you, Skyrim is slower in the fps department so need to play it in Windows, but used to work well enough in wine ..

I've not timed the loads for quantitative evidence, but it would seem to take multiple minutes to load up a game that used to take up half a minute or a minute. I can go downstairs, make a drink and a sandwhich and come back up and sit a moment for Civ IV to load .. didn't used to be like that. (Its actually so bad I've taken to rebooting to Windows even, at times .. Skyrim driving me crazy)

I'm not sure if actual FPS performance has decreased, but it feels a 'bit' lessened, but I've no evidence per se there. Some games more than others.

The load/setup slowdown 'feels like' disk throughput or bad caching or something .. if I run the same game a few times in a row, I think it gets faster (but back to slow again after a reboot.)

Again, it was all good until 12.0, so I've just assumed its the 'massive internal wine changes' that were talked about with 12.0.

Any advice? Any options we can flip to restore performance? Or should I downgrade Crossover for now, and just keep trying updates every few months until performance is restored?


Again, I've not reinstalled the OS nor changed hardware .. run a game, good.. update to cx12.0 .. run game.. performance bad, all in the same day :)

edit: fwiw.. Ubuntu 12.10 .. either Mate or KDE.

Of interest ..

In the name of testing, I downgraded to 11.3 to run some timings, then back up to 12.1; things are running fine now (!!)

Downgrading: ran the full installer for 11.3, and let it do its thing; whern it completes, it shows the App Install screen, while 'chugging away'; that chugging away may be important (updating bottles?), but theres no pop up warning about it or the like, so maybe I aborted it in the past (closed the Installer App)?

Upgrading: ran the 12.1 installer (skipping 12.0 unlike I've done nnaturally before), and let it do its thing (the installer this time ends up with the bottle management screen, so you can see things going on.. and the bottles turn Ready after awhile.)

It shoudl pop up a dialog 'don't kill anything, let the bottles finish updating' or something, as a warning, but 12.x is better this way at least than 11.3

Performance is much improved for me .. Skyrim playable, and doesn't take 5 minutes to load anymore!

Previously I've upgraded naturally.. 11.0, 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, 12.0, 12.1, which may have presented the issue; or maybe I aborted one of the bottle update screens along the way; or a wine bug, or ubuntu bug, or who knows what. (Now I'm afraid to reboot Ubuntu ;)

I'll update this post if it goes to gunk again, but so far so good today.


Whether one should 'upgrade' or do a 'clean install'
is always a moot point.
I've tended to 'upgrade' when it's a minor dot point release,
But - generally perform a 'clean install' - if it's a major release.

as I always use a 'nix O/S based system & Debian based, as well,
I usually remove the "old major release" - using synaptic,

  • rather than using the Cx uninstaller,
  • as this method preserves the bottle(s) that I am using . .
    and then install the new Cx.deb back into the O/S.

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