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CrossOver Linux 12.1.2 doesn't work with LFS/BLFS

I have a new installation of the LFS/BLFS distro.

I found that for KDE I needed the xdg-user-dirs and I installed pyxdg.

I find that I have problems with CrossOver Linux 12.1.2

It installed without apparent issue except there were a few D-Bus errors reported.

I have CrossOver Pro 10.0.3 installed and it works fine.

IAC, after installing 12.1.2 in my test account, I tried to install IE 7 and it started OK, but after a while, if started failing to install fonts and finally failed to install IE. Since this worked fine on 10.0.3, this must be an issue related to the CrossOver script system rather than Wine.

Do I understand correctly that you have switched from Perl to Python?

Well, I am not asking for support help, but any hints would be welcome. What I think that I need is a list of the specific dependencies for CrossOver 12 so that I can check my system against it and install anything which is missing. This is probably especially necessary since I have not installed GNOME.

The requirements are here, and are:

python >= 2.4
gtk2 >= 2.10
python-gtk2 >= 2.10 with XRender and GLX support

Note that Crossover is 32bit still, so you will need 32bit librairies for those dependencies if your system is 64bit.

There is also the cxdiag tool which can list the missing librairies. The reason for needing the librairy is explained in the output so you can judge if you want it or not. You will find cxdiag either in your home under cxoffice/bin/cxdiag or /opt/cxoffice/bin/cxdiag, depending on your installation type. It is a command line tool but then, if you're running LFS, you're not afraid of the terminal!

Thank you for the assistance.

All that I found missing were strictly optional drivers like GSM and ISDN and a couple of things that I had newer versions installed.

So, it remains a mystery.

I wonder, have you tried to start Crossover from a terminal (which is cxsetup). Maybe it would complain about something which you could fix.

There is also a way of getting a bug report which might enlighten the situation further. If you can restart the installation for ie7, you might have a better idea of what is going on.

Lastly, I wonder if the installation fails because Crossover has difficulties getting stuff off the web. There are some things that are download so as to make ie7 fucntionnal.

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