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Crossover and Samsung Printer dependencis conflict: Crossover gone, Play on Linux in.

I am running a new 64bit rig and installed Crossover and MSOffice 2007 (this runs way better than MS Office 2010 from my experience). I need MSOffice for work- why else would I buy Crossover?

When it came to installing my printer there was a clash of dependencies: My printer installation needed to delete libstds++5:i386 and the associated Crossover files to make room for libstdc++5.

So I deleted crossover and MS Office and used Play on Linux to install it. Office under winetricks had a problem with MSXML5.0, so I got rid of that too.

If there is a crossover fix I would appreciate knowing because Play on Linux doesn't install Publisher which actually works for me in Office 2007 (but not 2010 - but not much of 2010 is stable for that matter).


Maybe I could help you out, but I would need to know a few things:

1) What distro?

2) Printer model might come in handy too.

With that maybe I could figure things out, but I'm not promising anything. Perhaps you could open a support ticket? I believe Codeweavers do accept support tickets for the trial version, for obvious reasons.

Thank you for your offer.

I suspect that the two conflicting files (libstdc++5....) are really the same but just have a different names. I thought about renaming the samsung one but I'm sure it is not that simple.

I running Deepin 64bit. It is an Ubuntu 12.04 spin off. The printer is a Samsung CLX6220FS.

I was running the 32bit version of both Deepin and Crossover on my old box and there was no conflict with the printer.Even though it was a 64bit machine I still installed the 32bit because I didn't have gobs of memory to take advantage of the 64.

I was thinking I might try the 32bit on this 64bit box to see if it would run. I'll reprot back on my progress.

Thank you for your response - it is much appreciated.


I tried the 386 version but it required python:i386 (of course).

I also tried to install libstdc++5_3.3.6-15ubuntu4_amd64 but gdebit tells me is conflicts with "libstdc++5 ( )".

Now this is interesting because Samsung printer required libstdc++5 but obviously doesn't like what is on offer...

Any ideas or advice is appreciated as I would prefer to use Crossover because Publisher works for me in MS Office 2007, but Play on Linux doesn't agree.And it is a pain to have to start Window is Vbox all the time just ot do something in Office.

Of course the other alternative would be to reinstall Deepin as the 32 bit version but it will take a day to set it all up again.


First, DO NOT EVER RENAME YOUR LIBRAIRIES MANUALLY! You will bork something, and it is very doubtfull you'll like the results!😋

So, I actually downloaded Deepin to use in a VM and I have seen 3 librairies to be installed to have Office 2007 (and publisher) working in Crossover, and those are:

1) ia-32libs

2) libc6-amd64:i386

3) libnss-mdns:i386, although this one I didn't manage to install, but since it's for "web functions", it doesn't actually stop publisher from running. The librairie is listed in the software center, the system just couldn't manage to download it. You might have better luck if you are in China (being a Chinese distro)

Other then that, if your printer is running, leave things as they are as libstdc5++ does not appear to be of any concern to run Publisher with Crossover and Deepin as your distro.

Also, I'm not sure your aware that Crossover is a 32bit application, to run 32bit windows application. In other words, you will need 32bit librairies, even if your system is 64bit.

Thank you for working on this for me. You have gone to a lot of trouble which I sincerely appreciate.

I've tried to install the libc6-amd64:i386 but it is not in the repositories. I tried the dev but this is the error synaptic gives me:

Depends: libc6-amd64 but it is not going to be installed
Recommends: gcc-multilib but it is not going to be installed

I did have Office working but the installation of the printer took out Crossover.

Any other ideas?


After fooling around, I must comment on the weird naming of packages in Deepin because, in short, it sucks. I wonder what exactly this distro is Deep in, but I can take a guess. I have rarely tried a distro I didn't at least like a little, but I truly profoundly dislike Deepin. The weird and inconsistent naming of packages is probably why installing the printer borked your install of Crossover. The installer for the printer probably did not expect such inconsistencies and that caused problems. You should really considered a distro with better package management. I am just speculating, so please take this with a grain of salt.

But, taking for granted you will not change your distro on my behest...

The library named libc6-amd64:i386 in the "Deepin software center", is actually "libc6:i386" in synaptic. Why is it named differently? Beats me, but that will give a man headaches! So in short if you use Synaptic, you must look for libc6:i386. With that library installed, office2007 works on my VM.

Well, you ARE the man!

Thank you with many hugs and kisses.

You know, what I don't understand is that the offending name changed file was already installed. All I did was reinstall ia32-crossover_11.2.0-1_amd64.deb and everything was fine.

As for Deepin, well I needed to upgrade my OS because I was running Pinguy 11.04. I couldn't find a stable Ubuntu of any kind - even tried Mint with Mate, but again too many incompatibilities. I gave one of Debians a go too. It was good but again everything required so much work to install my favourite apps. So I dumped that too.

I suppose Deepin got me because its software manager is better than most (with a few short comings but better that 'buntu and Mint) and it looks pretty...... But the old addage applies, don't judge an OS by its cover.

Thank you heaps


I don't know the hugs and kisses are necessary, but it's nice to be appreciated!

As for the Deepin, I knew there was some redeeming quality to it for you, I just don't like that names of packages change because you use a different tool. It makes figuring thing out much harder for nothing, like what happened to us. Just because you used a different tool, you couldn't find what I was talking about.

As a suggestion, I would point you to OpenSuse. The use rpm instead of debs, but it is a very nice distro, and tends to be stable in my experience. I do most of my experiments in a VM, and I suggest you do the same to figure out if you like it.

Lastly, since Deepin is Chinese in origin, have you considered the "political" implications of it? I have read rumours that China openly forces the installation of a spying firewall on windows machines. What do they do to a Linux distro? I have no idea, but I think one should think about it.

I'm just glad your up and running!

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