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Installing Office 2010 stops my Menu from Working Fedora 17 with Cinnamon Desktop Enviromet

This is on a Linux box with Fedora 17 with Cinnamon Desktop Environment. After I install office 2010 my Menu no longer works I can click the menu button but none of the categories work. This did work before not sure what change with 11.2 of cxoffice.

David Teague

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Hi David,

Not sure about Cinnamon Desktop, but Office 2010 still relies on a 32-bit library with Crossover in order to work other wise Office Icons will appear "blacked out" in the application itself (the Office 2010 application bottle). Perhaps you have a missing library in your Fedora? Did you receive a message prior to installing Office 2010 about a requirement or dependency?

Did appear when preparing to install for me, was enough to cause me not to install Office 2010 for review as my environment is 64 bit and a 32-bit requirement seemed largely unappealing. Can probably correct this somewhere, but have not had time to determine that yet as have the 64-bit library version of the 32-bit library. If it is a Microsoft requirement, well, there is that then.

As for why Cinnamon is affected by a Crossover installation, that seems truly bad. The idea behind crossover is to bottle the applications and not really run them in the same space. Not familair with how those two would interact in a negative manner.



Cinnamon is a fork of the craptastic Gnome3 Shell. It is Pretty Cool.

I noticed this is not just a Office issue like I though orginally. I install firefox 3.6 and ie7 and the both also cause the start menu to be usless.

So I am not sure if it is the 32 but compatibility plus I installed those anyway. This was working fine on a previous setup of Fedora 17 with Cinnamon, but it was the 11.0 version of crossover, maybe I will install that and see if that fixes the issue.

This looks like a problem between Crossover (generally) and cinnamon 1.5.2 (being the most recent cinnamon version on Fedora 17).

Today I tested by installing Cinnamon on my previously "just GNOME3" Fedora 17 machine. I found that any new installs of Windows Apps (MS Office or not) gave me the behavior described, using Crossover 11.2.1 - the applications section of the Cinnamon menu just stops working! In downgrading back to 11.2.0, 11.1.0, and 11.0.3, fresh installs each time (and fresh installs of a random windows app in each), I see the same behavior. When switching over to a GNOME 3 session, everything's fine.

I found that if I de-activate the menu items in manage bottles for my Windows Apps, this restores cinnamon's menu. You can do this by opening manage bottles from terminal:

$ /opt/cxoffice/bin/cxsetup

and then going to Control Panel>Edit Menus to turn off the menu items. You may need to logout/login, but Cinnamon should start working again. You can then launch your Windows Apps manually via the "run command" tool in Crossover (Crossover's primary menus still work), and use "create launcher" to create launcher items from the .exe files, as described here:

In my (admittedly cursory) testing, the newly created icon works.

I've created a bug for our developers to investigate further.

As of the recent update to Cinnamon 1.6 in Fedora 17, this is no longer happening for me. New installs of windows apps in Crossover don't go in the "Windows applications" section, but rather are grouped under "All applications" in alphabetical order, but their presence doesn't kill the cinnamon menu, anymore.

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