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Borderlands 2 / AMD CPU Drivers / NET 4 / Visual C++

are there any chances the upcoming Borderlands will run on my Gentoo/AMD/Crossover system?
The announce says it will need AMD CPU drivers, NET4, and VC++ 2010


I second that question as I'm interested by Borderlands 2. If Codeweavers could crush 😥 or raise 😀 our hopes, I would prefer to know!

I must have been sleeping when I posted...

2K is actually very "silent" about the requirements, which are only mentionned on other sites.

On the official Steam page, the requirements (included with the game) are:

DirectX 9, .NET 4, MVC++ 2005, 2008, 2010, and AMD CPU drivers for AMD/XP

Now, CrossOver supports all but NET 4, but I read in the forum that there is
already a winetricks for it. So I expect we'll get it in a next CrossOver version.
This would make at least all requirements work.

I have read on another thread (of an unrelated software) that Codeweavers were close for .Net4. But close isn't there yet.

But from the entry in Wine AppDB it looks that only the launcher needs .NET4 and you don't need .NET4 at all if you disable the Launcher by giving -NoLauncher in the Steam launch options (via prefs).

So it might even be possible to run it with the present CrossOver verson...

YMMV, however, I have been able to run Borderlands 2 successfully under crossover-11.2.1-1.
I wasn't aware of being able to change how your run Steam (the part about specifying -noLauncher) but I reached the same result by copying Borderlands.exe over Launcher.exe.

I know the OP mentioned Gentoo, but for completeness sake, I'll mention that I used Fedora 17 x86_64 on an HP Z420 (nvidia video card with the default akmod-nvidia setup.)
I was't able to get the game to fully function under a Fedora 17(16, or 15) install on my Dell Studio XPS 16 (AMD/ATI Radeon 4760). The Catalyst drivers couldn't get me past the 2K intro screen. The opensource Radeon got me all the way to the start screen but color rendering wasn't working (well, I had to rebuild the mesa-* packages with the --enable-texture-float to even get that far.)

This was my first crossover experience so I don't know if that is typical or not.

I tried the -NoLauncher option but that didn't work. Like you, however after some time, I copied the exe over Launcher.exe and am now happily playing. Didn't test network play.

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