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Can't uninstall crossover

I downloaded the crossover games demo from the website and then installed it through ubuntu software centre, and after trying it, decided that I no longer need it, and when I go to uninstall, the uninstaller crashes without any warning, I've even attempted to uninstall by running the uninstaller through terminal, and it crashes terminal without any warning.

I would use ubuntu software centre to uninstall, however there isn't an option to do so there, only to reinstall, which isn't what I want to do,
Does anyone have the correct syntax to uninstall crossover games through the terminal? I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 32bit and crossover is 10.1.1, if anyone can help that would be great, thanks to anyone who can help in advance

It doesn't matter now, after over an hour of having to guess commands in terminal, I was able to finally figure out what you need to enter to remove crossover games in ubuntu 10.10

For reference for anyone who cannot remove crossover games because the uninstaller crashes, it's
'sudo apt-get remove crossover-games-demo' without the quotes. This will bypass the crossover games uninstaller and avoid the mysterious crash that I suffered with.

Marking as solved, but someone needs to test and fix the uninstaller as it is broken in ubuntu 10.10 32bit.

The correct syntax should be

$ /opt/cxgames/bin/cxuninstall

which will remove the user-specific CX games files, then again as root, which will remove the package in its entirey, i.e.

$ sudo /opt/cxgames/bin/cxuninstall

Running it just as root and not as user will leave the user-specific files in place.


Correction! Yes, the Crossover package as installed from the Ubuntu Software center has an uninstall bug, and running

$sudo /opt/cxgames/bin/cxuinstall

will fail. Until this is fixed for our next major release, the easiest way to completely remove an installation of Crossover that you aquired via the Ubuntu Software center (i.e. downloaded and installed via the Software Center, as opposed to downloading from our website and then installing with the Software center) is probably with the Synaptic Package Manager, but the above mentioned "apt-get" command works, as well.

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