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Backup and Restore on Linux (Ubuntu)

I had to get rid of the Unity cr*p and installed Xfce but would rather do a fresh install of current Xubuntu.

How can I backup Crossover?

I think of saving .cxgames folder, but is there anything else? What would the restore procedure look like? First install the .deb and then copy over the .cxgames folder or the other way around? Will the menu (in Xfce) then show my previously installed games?

Anyone has done this and any suggestions? Would be appreciated, Thanks!



...the suggested route is to create a bottle archive
(.cxarchive) using the Bottle Manager ...see;

... the resultant [bottlename].cxarchive files created, can be
copied to any optical/removeable media, and can be restored into
your new crossover installation by using the 'Add from Archive'
function of the Bottle Manager...


Thanks a lot! Didn't see that function :)

I installed and copied .cxgames and this works. Only problem now seems to be that I have to manually change my Xfce to 1024x768 before starting the game or the game will receive 1920x1080, create a screen for that, although the resolution is by then already changed to 1024x768 by Crossover. Will have to look into that but for now I'm fine with changing the resoltion of my Xfce desktop before gaming some oldschool games :)

Regards and happy holidays :D

Hi again...

.... no problem, however what you describe above (about
switching screen resolution), has nothing to do with XFCE.
There's a few other nuances wrt XFCE & crossover that you
should know about (I've used XFCE since it's beta days =)...

...thing one is, the current versions of XFCE have yet to
implement the full 'XDG' function set, and because crossover
relies on that for menu creation, things invariably go wrong.
On the Debian6 box here, this manifests itself as the 'Other'
menu entry (where you'll find the crossover stuff) appearing
and disappearing, as you operate with and/or install additional
apps into crossover. Understand, this is not a bug - it's just
parts of the XFCE window-manager are incomplete. This said,
desktop icons and/or creating (manually) launchers and so forth
works fine. The last I heard, XFCE 5.0 will have the XDG stuff
fully implemented, but I've no idea when that will be released =)

...regarding screen resolution(s), there are many (older) titles
that only work with the 4:3 aspect screenmodes, however, most
widescreen (16:9/10) aspect displays will do these older modes
as well -- how the game graphics themselves look when used on
the widescreen format is another matter. Anyhow, most linux distros
only configure the xserver to do the native widescreen screenmodes,
and so when the windows app/game interrogates the display to find
out what it's capable of, it very likely will not find any 4:3
display modes available ...

...there are 2 ways to work around this...

1 - leave your window manager at it's native resolution, and use
the 'emulate a virtual desktop' feature of wine. To do that, start
the Bottle Manager -> select bottle in left pane -> click on the
'Control Panel' tab -> launch the Wine Configuration item. In the
GUI that pops-up, click on the Graphics tab -- you will see the
'Emulate a virtual desktop' check-box, and the associated 'Desktop
Size' setting where you can define what windowed resolution you
want. After you've enabled this (and/or changed desktop size), click
on Apply -> Ok to exit the configuration GUI. Now try the game again...

2 - append your Xorg config with valid 4:3 aspect 'modelines'. On
Debian, the typical xorg.conf file is very thrift, with most all
pedantic configuration options excluded... including any modelines
in the "screen" section of the xorg.conf file. Mine, looks like
this (is actually set up for dual monitors, which is another story) ;

Option "metamodes" "CRT-0: 1680x1050 +0+0, CRT-1: 1024x768_87i +1680 +0;
CRT-0: 1680x1050 +0+0, CRT-1: NULL; CRT-0: 1024x768 +0+0, CRT-1: NULL; CRT-0: 800x600 +0+0,
CRT-1: NULL; CRT-0: 640x480 +0+0, CRT-1: NULL"

...but, the parts to note are the 'CRT-0:' entries wherein you can
see I've defined that my primary display connected to CRT-0 can
do 1680x1050, 1024x768, 800x600 and 640x480 (even though it looks
atrocious in 640x480 =) These are usually the only additional modes
I've even needed to add to xorg.conf and usually to help out older
games. Most of the time however, you're better off going with emulated
virtual desktop instead .. depends on the app...

...if you're using dual monitors, don't <grin> ... things go horribly
wrong. You can work around problems here, again, by using the emulated
virtual desktop feature, or disabling the second display so the driver
doesn't report it to the app...

Have phun!


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