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Multiple systems

Dunno if this is where I should ask or what but I am wondering a couple things

Am I able to buy CrossOver XI Linux and have it on two separate computers or do I have to buy two? Also just to make sure after the first purchase do I HAVE to buy it again after the 12 months is up?

In the license, point 1.a stipulates:

"run the Software on any computer, so long as no more than one person per license is ever using the Software at any one time."

So it's one license per person running crossover. If no one else will be using crossover but you, one license is all you need for both computers. You can find the license at

For your second question, if things run, you can stick with what you have and not upgrade. You will not be forced to upgrade, that is your choice entirely. Upgrades are cheaper than buying, if that is a consideration for you.

Just to chime in and reiterate, this is correct.

You do not need to renew your license at the end of your support contract: crossover will not stop working just because your support expires.

You will not be able to download new versions which are released after your support contract expires, but your existing things will continue working just fine.



Ahh ok thank you as I'm the only one who downloads programs on either computer (the others only ever use the web browser) then I would be ok with just the one, right? (Just wanna be 100% positive I read what was said right, my brain doesn't like to play nice most of the time)

Well yeah, but let's use some examples using 1 license on two computers to make sure.

If you're using crossover on one computer to run MS Office, while your brother/sister is browsing the web on the other computer that's fine.

If you're using crossover to run MS Office, while your sibling is also running crossover to run Starcraft II, then you're not in compliance with the license. That would be two simultaneous users of crossover with one license and you would really need two.

I hope this is clear enough! ;)

Ahh ok I get it now thank you for the examples, since its kinda part of whats going on I have another question.

I was able to get Watchtower 2011 running on my ma's computer with the trial version, will she still be able to use it after the 15 days are up without having to buy the license? (The only program she needs that Linux won't run)

I plan to get a License for myself once I upgrade my video card cause one I have now can't run any games

The Watchtower installation will stop working once the trial version expires, yes. She will have to purchase a license in order to use Watchtower with CrossOver indefinitely. (Or, at all, after the trial period is over).

Man...ok thank you I'll either try to get the License soon so she can use it or try Wine again can never get anything running with that though

Anyways thank you again

If money is thight, you can try playonlinux ( ). Depending on your distro, it very well might be in the repos, and there are instructions on the site on how to install it. In my opinion, the tool is pretty good, but not as much as Crossover. It is easier than vanilla Wine, and that might get you going. If Watchtower runs with Wine (it seems it does), you should be OK with playonlinux.

Note that since the Codeweavers actually contributes back to Wine, it's a good thing to support Crossover by buying it, as you support Wine. Also, the support is bound to be better with Crossover, which is a consideration. Just keep that in mind!

Ahh I forgot about PlayonLinux that may help with the Watchtower, but I fully intend on buying Crossover for myself anything to help make Linux better I will help if/when I can.

Well, with an attitude like that, I feel you should apply to be an advocate for Crossover.

First, you have a free copy coming to you, which will help you out. I still pay for my copy myself, since I can afford it, and you can do the same if you feel like it.

Second, you then become part of a great (linux) community. I have yet to encounter any RTFM'ers here. I think that you would be a good fit if helping out is part of your mindset.

Check it out!

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