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Activating Office 2007

Hi Guys,

Just started using CrossOver and its fantastic, everything works and i want to keep it that way but Office 2007 wants to activate itself (yes its a legit copy etc), but everytime i try (it has a auto activate button) however now im getting the message :

"A communication error has occurred, Your request cannot be processed at this time, Please try again in a few minutes"

I have direct internet access out, ive also tried installing IE6 in case it needed this to access internet, but didn't help

  • Steve

I wonder if you're having the same issue as me? (still haven't resolved it yet)

I'm running

-Crossover 7.1.0
-Fedora 9 32-bit

What is your set up?

Yep, exactly the same :

CrossOver 7.1.0
Fedora release 9 (Sulphur) -

Just tried with CrossOver 7.0.2 and the same problem occurs.. im using Office 2007 VLK (might try phone activation next)

would you mind creating a ticket with this problem? You can do so either through the Linux support system, or by sending an email to Please reference this forum conversation in the ticket.

I am having a similar issue with Quicken. I made a post about it.


I had the same problem with Office 2007 on Debian amd64 and I solved it by removing the package "libnss-mdns" and installing "lib32nss-mdns".

But that's the way for 64bit Debian, for 32bit you might not need this ("lib32nss-mdns" is a 64bit package). But you need maybe an other dependency installed on your system.

Did you use the Loki installer or the appropriate package for your distribution? As far as I know, the loki installer doesn't check for dependencies, which the distribution packages mostly do (as long as the package system of the distribution knows dependency checks).


Im trying out Crossover Pro for the first time tonight after the lame duck challenge (At least I can thank W for something! lol) Anyway, I was able to get Office 2007 Ultimate installed on Fedora 10 64 bit after a "yum install libXxf86vm.i386." Now, when I start Word it wants to activate... This is a legal copy btw... When I press the button I get the same error as the OP. Anyone have a solution to this yet? Maybe Im missing another 32 bit library?

I got Office installed on Fedora 10 32 bit now. The install went smoother and office loads up much faster. I'm still having a problem trying to activate. Do people just use the phone activation method to get around this? Should I try installing IE6 in the winxp bottle? This is Crossover Pro version 7.1 btw

We're still working on this issue - it appears as if the 'Fedora version' of a certain library confuses Crossover, rather than a simple case of a missing library. If you're experiencing problems activating MS Office (particularly with Fedora), please send an email to asking to be attached to bug 4621, and include your CX Version and OS Version.

Until then, activating your MS Office product over the phone should be fine.

Just wanted to check the status of Bug 4621...
It's not in the bug tracker...

I am running Ubuntu 9.04 and I cannot get Access 2007 to run, all the components of office 2k7 are running fine. It comes up with a runtime error. Any work arounds?

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