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Cleaning up Temp Directory

I monthly create an archive of my bottle(s) and have noticed that the archive continues to grow. I originally thought this was due to my additional windows installs, but I haven't done any additions this past month. So I did some exploring and found the directory: ~/.cxoffice/bottle_name/drive_c/windows/temp/ was 1.3G and had 1,600+ items in it. Normally under windows I'd delete the items in this directory to clean it up. Can I just do that same under CrossOver? Are there other areas that I should look to do some cleaning up of these directories? I didn't see any Windows cleanup utilities, can/should any of these be installed?


I haven't heard anything from anyone, so I decided to experiment. I deleted the items in the directory and lost the ability to open any of my windows apps; I received DDE errors. So I restored from my archived bottle (which is my I create them in the first place) and went back in and deleted just the *.tmp files. That removed about 600M (leaving about 600M), but that seemed to work without issue.

Just FYI....

Huh so just having a the bottles (and using them) causes temp files to get created and stick around? Do just certain applications do this or all of them?


I don't think this is a CrossOver issue per se as much as it's a typical Microsoft issue. But yes, there are, over the course of utilizing windows products *.tmp files that persist.


Crossover has no mechanism like 'disc cleanup' on windows to clean out temp files. The assumption is that Windows Apps which are designed to clean up their own temp files should do so in Crossover, though I'm not sure how effective those processes are (or if they even work when they're supposed to). If your temp directory becomes absolutely gigantic, you'll have to clean it out manually, as you've found.

I assume that the consequences of totally blowing away all temp files is variable depending on the application one is running (though a developer can feel free to weigh in, here...). Out of curiosity, I just blew away the items in my temp folder in an Office 2003 bottle, and was subsequently able to launch all of the applications without error.

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