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Missing icons in menu items

I recently upgraded from 7.1.0 to 8.0.0 and reinstalled all of my Windows software in new bottles. After installation under 8.0.0, menu items were created for each Windows program, but none of them have icons.

After further investigation, I found that 8.0.0 did not create any .xpm files in the Crossover StartMenu folder for each bottle:
.cxoffice/<bottle name>/windata/StartMenu.C^5E3A^5Fwindows^5Fprofiles^5Fcrossover^5FStart^2BMenu/Programs/

I'm running Slackware 12.2, kernel, Gnome 2.24.

I did not have a problem with Crossover 7.1.0, it created the xpm files after each installation.

Is there any way to force Crossover 8.0.0 to create the missing xpm files with the proper icons for each program? Could my installation be missing a program needed to create the xpm files?

If you're running on the same Slackware version now as you were with 7.1, I doubt that there's a missing dependency or I think the most likely culprit here is the nature of your Crossover 8.0 installation - i.e., the fact that it's an upgrade on top of a pre-existing copy of 7.1. Upgrades are known to cause a variety of intriguing problems...

You could try using cxmenu to uninstall and reinstall the menus in your default bottle (cxmenu is configured to always use the default bottle - if this happens to work, just change your default bottle and run the commands on each one)

~/cxoffice/bin/cxmenu --uninstall

~/cxoffice/bin/cxmenu --install

However, I'm not sure if this will work properly if you're missing the .xpm files, themselves. If you're really hurting for lack of the appropriate menu icons, I think your best bet is to perform a completely clean installation of 8.0, as well as your windows apps. If you'd like to poke around more in cxmenu, use ~/cxoffice/bin/cxmenu --help

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