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Open/save/attachments dialog behind main window

I'm running CrossoverOffice 7.1.0 under Ubuntu 8.0.4. When I do a new mail message in Outlook, it is always "maximized" (taking up the whole screen) or "minimized" (hidden in the dock), but I can't make it so that its size is adjustable.

Normally this is ok, but when I click "attachment", a file open dialog pops up BEHIND the message window, and it is impossible to get to. Thus, I can't do attachments at all unless I open the web interface and send a message from there.

The same thing often happens in Excel: The window can only be maximimum size, and the "save" dialog appears behind the main window. That makes it impossible to save, which really sucks.

The other main quirk is that on windows that do allow me to change the size of windows, CrossoverOffice appears to get confused about my dual monitor setup, so it suddenly things that where I clicked is 1400 pixels to the right of where I really clicked, which results in bizarre behavior. Similarly, if I click & drag on a title bar, the window is suddenly way off to the right. The workaround for that has been to use the Linux alt-click&drag to move windows instead of dragging the title bar.

Has anyone else seen these quirks? Does anyone know of a workaround?

Crossover does sometimes have issues with dual-monitor setups. Are you using MS Office/Crossover on your primary monitor? If so, can you try a session with your secondary power monitor turned off?

I switched to single-monitor mode, and that did seem to snap Outlook out of "hog-the-entire-window" mode.
Even in single-monitor mode, grabbing the title bar made the window jump 1400 pixels to the right, so I had to revert to the alt-click&drag method of moving the window.

But it is good to know that workaround, in case I work on a spreadsheet and then find I can't save it!

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