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Lameduck issue->Linux wanted but i got MAC

Dear Suport,

there's something wrong,maybe because of the server downs and whatever. I ordered Crossover Linux, but in my oders is a MAC Version, so i'm not able to unlock the trial version. Please, please change this.

Many thanks,


I am currently facing the same problem as the OP.

I have the same problem. With my Lameduck registration code, I'm only able to download the CX Pro Mac version - but... I don't have a mac. :)

Same problem. When the unlocked builds where posted I downloaded and installed the Linux versions of CrossOver and CrossOver Games and so far it seems great. I'm downloading Counter-Strike Source off of my Steam account. I know I checked the Linux box when I registered, but after I made an account and registered my serial, in my downloads I noticed only the Mac versions show, and in my support extensions it only has an option to extend a CrossOver Mac Pro install.

I have repaired all your accounts. Sorry for the troubles.

Could you repair mine also? I have the same issue. Thanks

I signed up for both versions; but, only got the MAC version. If we can only have one, I rather have the Linux version instead. I use my Linux machine a lot more than the Mac.


Please, i have the same problem. Thanks.

I'm also having the same issue, registered for the Linux version but got Mac. Thanks a lot for offering the free software and the help so far!

Carl Yan wrote:

I signed up for both versions; but, only got the MAC version. If we
can only have one, I rather have the Linux version instead. I use my
Linux machine a lot more than the Mac.

I bet that is the problem. We are limiting 'one per customer', so if you signed up for both, you would have only received a serial for Mac due to our code skipping duplicates.

Ok, all above is updated. I think this thread is going to keep growing. Hmmm...

I only applied for one, so I don't know why that happened to me. Anyways I wanted to say thank you for responding so quickly and thank you for such a great program. Counter-Strike Source is running pretty smoothly under DX7. Once it gets to the point that it runs just as smoothly as under Windows in DX9, I'll be ditching Windows for sure!

I haven't got my code yet but I registered for both versions Mac and Linux because I didn't know it is limited per customer. Would you please be so kind to change my code to Linux if there is an error?


I am seeing the same issue. I registered for Linux, but find myself offered to download the Mac version (and I don't even own one).

Would you please change my account as well to allow me to run the Linux version? Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,


I'm also having the same issue as the op...wanted Linux but got Mac in the mydownloads page

The same for me too I fear.

Now I've got my registration code. But it is Mac. Would you please be so kind to change it to Linux? Thank you very much.

I have the same problem here. It would be great, if you could update my account, too. Thank you for your great software.

Hi, I didn't know, that we only could register for EITHER Linux OR Mac, and now I only got a Mac code. But since I mainly use linux it would be awsome if you could change my account accordingly.

Many Thanks


Hi I have received the Mac Serial Code for your product too, but I wanted the Linux Serial, I'm sure I only clicked for the linux version but possibly could have made a mistake when registering since I have received the serial for the wrong version.
I'm sorry to be a nuisance but please could you amend my account to show the linux downloads.

Thank You very much for your help.

I am having the same problems. Thanks


I too, have Mac instead of Linux. I was about to post something like this, but found this thread. If my account could be fixed, that would be amazing.


I also got the MAC version but want the Linux version.


I have a similar but not identical problem.

I selected Linux, as that's all I use. I told my wife about lameduck and she had me pick Mac for her (she's a Mac user). I got my serial at my email and my wife's email at her address. I plugged my serial in and it came back Mac. I figured I had reversed the emails when registering and put her serial in, nothing changed.

So here's where I sit: I have two serials tied to my account for the same product, and they were supposed to be two accounts, one for each product, one for me, one for my wife.

I'll understand if I've screwed things up irrepairably, but ideally I wanted to get both products, one for each of us, but ideally again, it would be all on one account since I do all her IT-like work.

Am I out of luck?

Just to say something: I can't change your accounts personally, but I guess Newman will go through the posts on Monday. If anyone feels forgotten, please open a support ticket, so we're reminded.


Exactly same problem here but with an additional one, in Kubuntu 8.10 when typing "sh" or "sudo sh" in the terminal, I get the following error message:

" 1: HTTP/1.1: not found 2: Date:: not found 3: Server:: not found 4: X-Px:: not found 5: ETag:: not found 6: Content-Length:: not found 7: Content-Type:: not found 8: Last-Modified:: not found 9: Cache-Control:: not found 10: Expires:: not found 11: Connection:: not found
Verifying archive integrity...Error in check sums 2278061124 != 2838359849

You need to download the installer again, as it is corrupt.

If your download appeared to be successful, try a different
browser. Some browsers, such as Netscape, are known to corrupt
some types of binary files by trying treating them as text.

...and because I've got registered for the MAC version I cannot re-download the file which presumably would solve the problem.

So please modify my account to get associated with the linux version :)

best regards!!!

Same problem here. Thanks in advance,

P. Kamiński

The same thing happened to me, I ordered the Linux version but got a MAC serial instead.

Could this possibly be fixed :-?

Hi there, I have the same problem as the OP, although I signed up for both and received a MAC code rather than the Linux serial, which I can't use unfortunately. Could you please convert this?


Hi I have the same issue, I only have the Mac version, but I've ordered Linux one. Could you please update my account. Many thanks


Hi, I have the same issue, I've ordered both versions but only got the Mac version. If I only can get one then I prefer the Linux one. Could you please update my account. Tank you very much.


Hi ! I've got almost the same problem as the others...
I registered to the lameduck offer for the linux version, then saw nothing saying "only one version" so i asked also for the mac version thinking "as i asked for the linux version first, if i can get only one i'll have this one and that will be ok".
few days later i recieved a code but it is for the mac version... if i can only have one version can you switch to the linux version ?


I have the same issue. Could you repair mine also? Thanks

Everyone listed above has been updated to Linux.


I also requested Crossover Linux and got registered with the Mac version for some reason. If you could switch my product from Crossover Mac to Crossover Linux, it would be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


Same thing happened to me.

I requested Crossover Linux but on my account under "My Downloads" it shows "CrossOver Mac Professional 7.1.0" and "CrossOver Games Mac 7.1.1". Could you switch my products to Crossover Linux as well please?

I have not yet downloaded any file.

Thanks in advance.

I hate to add to your workload, but the same thing happened to me. I wanted the Linux version, got the Mac version.


No dice I am still only seeing Mac Only builds. Thanks for looking into this for us tho :D


Same here - need Linux, but still waiting for the serial number too...

I think your site should have had radio buttons instead of check boxes. Of course, hind sight is always... <grin>

Iam have he same problems. Can you repair this
Thanks you

Unfortunately, it seems I am also a victim of this problem. I hope you can help change my license to Linux from Mac.

Thank you.


I feel really bad posting a "complaint" for something that was handed out for free, but I'm also having this issue, to my knowledge I only selected Linux, but for some reason my profile is saying MAC. I don't even own a mac, so if you could switch it to Linux, that'd be great.

Thanks so much, I'm actually quite excited to try this software out, it sounds quite promising.

The same for me. Thanks a lot in advance for allowing me to retrieve the linux version.


The same thing happened to me -- I do not have a Mac version available to me. Thanks.

Jeremy Newman wrote:

Everyone listed above has been updated to Linux.

Thnaks Jeremy for the soon solution.

Best Regards!

I ordered Crossover Linux, but in my oders is a MAC Version, so i'm not able to unlock the trial version. Please help thanks,


I also didn't realize you couldn't request both. I'd prefer to have the Linux version instead of the Mac one. Thanks!!

I also was unaware only one could be registered. Could you also change mine to Linux from Mac (I don't own a Mac) if it's not too much trouble?

Hello, Can you please convert my account to Crossover Linux as well? Thank you!

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