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Printing and choosing different printer than default doesn't work...

I am running the latest version of cxOffice. Specifically, the applicatioin I am using is Visio 2003. When I installed it, it used a win2000 bottle. When I bring up the "Print" dialog, if I change the printer to a non-default printer, my document still prints on the default printer.

I have tried this with Word under the winxp bottle, and it seems to work fine. Is this an issue with win2000 bottles? Should I try to install Visio 2003 on the winxp bottle... even though it is not recommended?


edit: Just FYI, I am running Linux Mint 6 (which is Ubuntu Intrepid)

Sounds like more of an issue with Crossover just not being able to flip to different printers on your machine. Can you change the default printer in the OS and retest? Bottle types shouldn't make any difference.

I'm having a similar problem with this platform: Crossover Linux 7.1.0 Demo, Ubuntu 8.10 64bit (with 32bit libs installed). Whenever I try to print, no matter what printer I choose, it always tries to use "Invoice-R (Full Bleed)". I can select different properties for the printer, but it always flips back to the default. Any ideas?

ii ia32-crossover-standard-demo 7.1.0-1 Run Windows applications like MS Office
ii ia32-libs 2.2ubuntu18 ia32 shared libraries for use on amd64 and i
ii cups 1.3.9-2ubuntu7

I've got 17 days left on my demo. Get this working, and I'll buy the product. :) It's nice not having to bounce into VMware to work on Word documents.

hm...Crossover should be able to print to non-default printers (though default will be its favorite). Have you tried deleting and then re-creating the non-default printers on your system? This sometimes helps Crossover "see" the printer better (i.e. Crossover being already installed as the printer is re-created).

Thanks for replying, Jack. I'll try your suggestion.

You're awesome, Jack. In trying to fix this, I've uninstalled/reinstalled packages from Ubuntu, Crossover, etc. Never thought to delete printers.

Now, if only I could get xover to work with my laptop in Xinerama mode. :)


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