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Why do not my CrossOver support DirectX?


In my struggle to be able to run the Game Gun I run into some problems.

(I use CrossOver 7.0.0)

My first problem seems to be gone since I found I no-cd-crack.

But now it complains about that DirectX9.0c must be installed.

I thought that CrossOver would do this for me?

If any one got any clue please help me out.

Best regards

CrossOver has its own implementation of DirectX, at least of the important low level components like ddraw.dll, d3d8.dll, d3d9.dll, dsound.dll, dinput.dll. Games complain that they can't find DirectX for many different reasons, and often the error doesn't have anything todo with directx at all. Most of the time one of those things here happens:

-> High level libraries are missing: There are some dx libs which CrossOver doesn't implement (yet), and which are supposed to be installed by the game, even on Windows. Those are libraries like d3dx9, d3d8x and similar. You can get them by installing the DirectX runtime in CrossOver, there is an installer profile for this.

-> Missing features: CrossOver can only offer to the game what the graphics card offers. E.g. if your card doesn't have shader support, we cannot give shaders to the game. Especially on MacOS we've disabled shader model 2.0 and 3.0 support due to driver bugs. I've explained how to enable them in other threads, search for "useGLSL".

-> CrossOver bugs: The game could be confused if CrossOver doesn't behave exactly in the same way as Windows, and bail out with a generic uninformative message.


Thanks for your reply!

I hope that your comment about "High level libraries are missing", is what I need.
Is there any instructions about how to find the DirectX runtime and how to install them into CrossOver?

Best regards

Open Crossover Install Software and check 'Show service packs and dependencies'. DirectX 9 Runtime should then be listed, select it and install into the same bottle as the game you're trying to run.


You solved it!

I started to install DirectX with CO.
Then I installed GUN in the same bottle and used a crack no-cd for Gun.

Best regards

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