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Kubuntu install - problem

Please bear with me....I am a newbie to Linux.

OK, I have downloaded Crossover to Kubuntu...but I cannot see it do I set it up to start downloading iTunes?

Hi PJ,

I was once a newbie too. Just for the fun of it I am installing kubuntu on a VM as I write. While I'm waiting...

Did you use Firefox or Konqueror or something else to download Crossover? What is your download directory set to? Likely /home/username/Desktop or /home/username/

If you don't see it on your Desktop try browsing in your file manager (Konqueror or Dolphin) to /home/username/ (replacing username with whatever your username is). Install crossover by clicking on it. When it is finished installing it will ask you if you want to install software.

More detailed comments/thoughts will follow once I've installed iTunes on Crossover 7.0 on Kubuntu.


I installed iTunes 7.6 on Crossover Office 7.0 on Kubuntu 8.04 w/ KDE 4.0. These are the steps I took:

1) Downloaded sh ./ from using Konqueror and chose to save on my Desktop
2) Download iTunes 7.6 for Windows XP from and saved to my Desktop
3) Opened Konsole
a. at the prompt I typed the following and hit enter: cd /home/username/Desktop (replace username with your username)
b. at the prompt I typed the following and hit enter: sh ./
4) Agreed to terms of licence
5) Installed to default directory /home/username/cxoffice (replace username with your username)
6) Clicked install windows software
7) Clicked install unsupported software and then clicked Next
8) Read "Before installing unsupported software" notice and clicked Next
9) Clicked "Other installer file", browsed to /home/username/Desktop/iTunesSetup.exe (replace username with your username), and clicked Next
10) Chose install to new bottle, changed name of bottle from unsupported to iTunes, left create from template type as winxp and clicked Next
11) Waited about 1 minute and the iTunes installer came up
12) Clicked next on the iTunes installer
13) Agreed to terms of service and clicked next
14) Clicked install
15) Clicked no when asked to turn on Autorun
16) I waited about 10 minutes, the installer hung on computing space requirement. I responded by clicking the close button on installer, which caused the installer to prompt me to make sure I wanted to cancel installer. I clicked 'no' and the installation proceeded quickly from that point
17) Clicked finish
18) Crossover asked if I want to install more software or view installed associations, to which I chose view installed associations and click next
19) Clicked finish, which
20) Clicked iTunes in Kmenu.
21) Clicked yes to garbled license agreement
22) Clicked through some iTunes setup options, gets warned that CD and DVD tools haven't been properly installed, ignores warning and continued
23) Visited iTunes store but was too cheap to purchase music

Will play with it some more and visit the apps db.

Oh and another tip, it froze once and went gray for about 5 minutes during the install. I grabbed the top edge and shook a bit. Likely didn't do anything, other then give me the satisfaction of thinking I was doing something.

Ok PJ,

I can listen to music on iTunes! Follow my directions above and you will be able to too. That was fun. I haven't tried everything, but it appears to mostly work. I don't think ripping from CDs/DVDs is going to work though, given the error message. But that's ok, plenty of Linux programs out there for that.


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