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Conclusion on 2 years crossoveroffice

I have used crossover office Linux professional for about 2 years in a professional environment. My conclusion is: yes it runs. But there are still some problems, that still not resolved. I use only office professional 2000 and msaccess 1997. First, the installation of the programs is not really good. I have tried it several times before it worked. The speed is not the same as with Windows. I've got 1GB Ram AMD64 3200+, my current version is 6.2.0rc2. The integration in Debian etch doesn't work really good (some applications doesn't start from the start menu, only with "Run a windows program"; file accociation doesn't work good(gnome), only for word). Microsoft word 2000 with SP3 starts, but if I open a file it hangs, that's why I have to run it without SP. Open from favourites doesn't work.
So my conclusion is, there are several small problems, that adds up with the given problems of that software. My wish is, please support the older applications, I think many companies still use office 2000.
Best regards

Just out of curiosity, what Linux distribution are you using? I have not had any major issues like that running Word or Excel 2000 using CrossOver Linux, are you doing the multi-user mode or single-user? Single-user for me has been pretty good with a few minor modifications to the registry. Even though CrossOver is a good piece of software, some things do still need hacking/tweaking from time to time.

Edit: Noticed you use Debian Stable, that's what I use. It works fine for me on there but it really needs a chroot for x86_64 for some stuff to work 100%.

-- NthDegree

Thanks for your input. I run it on managed-multi user mode. I will try single-user mode next time. Where can I find the log-Files of cxoffice, if a application crashes etc.

Best regards


There should be something in /var/log/messages, otherwise you'll need to start the app with debugging options and then a log will be generated. Debug options look like: ~/cxoffice/bin/wine --debugmsg=+seh --cx-log ~/Desktop/OutlookPrint.log --cx-app (path to outlook.exe)

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