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Multiple Codeweavers versions simultaneously?

I'm curious about something - I have Codeweavers 6.2 installed and running reasonably well. I chose the RPM install method - I installed as root the rpm and then as my own user I installed some bottles. One of these bottles has a WORKING version of Quicken 2007 - somehow I got online banking and everything working. My initial test of Crossover Office 7.0 rc was a regression - quicken no longer talked to the internet. However other things in other bottles worked better. Is it possible by installing in a different manner to have 2 versions of crossover installed? Can I install Crossover 6.2 into a specific directory and keep opening the quicken app via that copy and then install crossover 7 to use for other things? If I change the install method from rpm to the other installer will archiving and unarchiving my quicken bottle be sufficient or is there a difference in the bottles created? Currently the bottles are created under my usernae in a hidden directory.

You can install Crossover Office and Crossover Games on the same account and not have them mess with each other, but Crossover Office versions on the same account will keep conflicting with each other. You could install different versions of Crossover Office in different user accounts and that would work, and Crossover's a per-user license, so as long as both copies aren't in use at the same time you're set.

Thats not really good enough. In all cases its one user running it on one computer - why would it be even remotely possible I would violate a license? It wouldn't even be necessary to contemplate if 7.x didn't break quickens communications so telling me I can't leave outlook running in the new bottle/version of crossover when I fire up outlook in an older version is just not reasonable. On a more constructive note does anyone have any ideas why my upgraded quicken bottle would have ceased talking to the internet properly? Also isn't there any way to specify the hidden directory to Crossover so that it would be technically possible to run 6.2 and 7 simultaneously?


If the current 7.0 office-focused beta breaks quicken, please report this in a beta report. We take regressions in supported applications very serious. If the current CrossOver Games build breaks Quicken, please consider trying the upcoming CrossOver release for office apps.

As for the license question, it is no problem if one person uses two different versions at the same time on one computer, if technical reasons require it. (Such a technical reason would be a bug we should fix though)

Be warned though that there may be technical difficulties arising, especially if both versions of crossover access the same bottle at the same time.

Thanks - the bug report was filed a week or so ago and was for the release candidate of Crossover Office 7 not games. Nobody followed up with me on it so I assumed it was found too late in the cycle. I would be happy to work with you folks to figure out what the regression is as I successfully restored an archived bottle and reverted back to 6.2 with Quicken working again.

The way my installs are setup I can limit the things that need that particular bottle to quicken, the question just remains within a single linux user can I create a shortcut that launches quicken in a 6.2 environment (in that bottle) while allowing everything else to run under Crossover 7 if necessary? I assume the command line for starting quicken might require running a script file that sets certain environment variables or runs a specific version fo crossover/wine from a specific directory but I'm just guessing.

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