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Cross Over Linux on Gentoo?

Can Cross Over Linux be installed on Gentoo Linux? I am considering purchasing both Cross Over as well as the Games version and would like to know if I will run into any weird problems trying to install them on Gentoo.

in all honesty, you might. Gentoo is pretty hard to pin down, and we've had varying levels of success with it. I strongly recommend you download the trials first.

What Jack said 😊

I am a developer(games mostly), and I am using Gentoo, so we know it can work. However, due to the vast amount of different ways you can set it up, we do not promise support for installations on Gentoo. We usually try to help people out though, unless the problem directly points to an issue in Gentoo. So I recommend to try the demo first before buying, but in general it should work.

I'm running Sabayon and have placed the demo file in the usr/distfiles folder but nevertheless I get this silliness from Portage...

Emerging (1 of 1) app-emulation/crossover-office-bin-6.0.0 to /

!!! app-emulation/crossover-office-bin-6.0.0 has fetch restriction turned on.
!!! This probably means that this ebuild's files must be downloaded
!!! manually. See the comments in the ebuild for more information.

  • Please visit

  • and place in /usr/portage/distfiles

  • Fetch failed for 'app-emulation/crossover-office-bin-6.0.0'
    !!! can't process invalid log file: merge.INFO

  • Messages for package app-emulation/crossover-office-bin-6.0.0:

  • Fetch failed for 'app-emulation/crossover-office-bin-6.0.0'[b]

BTW, I just downloaded what they gave me here and it happens to be: install-crossover-standard-demo-6.2.0 I have no idea where to get 6.0.0 or how to get Portage to try to fetch install-crossover-standard-demo-6.2.0 instead.

This ebuild for 6.0.0 is hopelessly outdated. Please contact the gentoo community for a newer ebuild, or install crossover by simply running the downloaded .sh file instead of using portage.

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