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Unable to open docx/xmlx/pptx/odf files in Office 2016 bottle
Juan Jose Magaña Redondo
Juan Jose Magaña Redondo
Posted 2018-05-05 11:13
After successfully installing Office 2016 and activating it with some effort, I have Microsoft Office up and running with older document formats (doc, xml, ppt). If I open those documents with the context menu using the right click of the mouse or within the program itself after browsing for the file, I always get the error that there is some problem with the format and then it crashes. I have tried lots of things (I remember in the past there used to be a problem with java and jexec and it's in the forums) but no way to make it work (I uninstalled Java, for example). I would appreciate some kind of help in this respect. I'm back to Crossover after 5 years running MS Office in VirtualBox without issues. Thanks a lot!
Juan Jose Magaña Redondo
Juan Jose Magaña Redondo
Posted 2018-05-05 20:02
After several tests, I found this problem was caused by installing Internet Explorer 8 so that I could activate the product. No matter how I changed the default options when installing the tie, installing Explorer messed up the whole bottle of Office 2016 and started throwing different kind of errors. Clean install fixed everything. I hope it helps other people who are advised to resort to Explorer in order to activate the product (you do need Explorer to log into your account, but that is not so important to me).

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