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KDE (latest), Office 2016 and Crossover 19

So, a year ago I had Office 2016, Crossover and KDE Neon (Ubuntu 18.04, rolling KDE Plasma) working well. Then it all broke but Crossover 19 has restored Office 2016, although I had to do a new install (my restored bottle archive wouldn't let me activate, a new install of the latest 32 bit offline installer worked)

But I am finding the behaviour of Office under KDE inconsistent, so I am opening this thread to share experiences.
I am using the same Window Rule (Fullscreen Force No, Ignore requested geometry Force Yes, Window Matching, Regular expression is .\b(winword.exe|excel.exe|powerpnt.exe)\b.
match whole window class: Checked.

It works right now ... but earlier today, it wasn't working and I can't explain why.

I've been using KDE 5.12.9 with Office 2010 on Crossover 18.5 under Mint 19. It works most of the time. But, occasionally, the window (like PowerPoint) will maximize and I can't figure out any way to unmaximize it. I've tried many different approaches and none of them worked. That's why I keep the Office 2010 in an archived bottle. When it wigs out, I simply blow the bottle away and restore from the archive and I'm back to normal. And, FWIW, I've never been able to get Office 2016 to successfully install. I've even filed all of the reports and had tech support reply. But, they never found an answer unfortunately, So, I keep using 2010.

I've found that forcing Plasma to ignore geometry is not required for regaining control of window resizing and moving. I suggest you uncheck this and you'll notice that the popup during initialization will start appearing centred again. I have also added "outlook.exe" to the regular expression so it's now: ".\b(winword.exe|excel.exe|powerpnt.exe|outlook.exe)\b.". My system is built upon openSUSE Leap 15.1 (Plasma is v5.12.8).

What exactly do you mean when you say "it wasn't working"? Could you elaborate?

I installed Crossover office under the latest Kubuntu 20.04. And I'm seeing that same problem noted above, only much worse: The Office app windows always appear maximized, and nothing I can do will get them to un-maximize. They appear with the title bar hidden underneath the task manager panel (I have set the task manager panel to be at the top of my display). So I am also unable to resize and move them. So crossover is almost unusable for me. I would greatly appreciate any help here.

When I had this issue (non-resizable Office 2016 windows) on OpenSuse 15.1, I solved it by un-checking Control Panel -> Wine Configuration -> Allow the Window manager to control the desktop, rebooting the bottle, and relaunching the app. Once I was able to resize the image, I restored the setting. I don't think I've seen that issue sine moving to 15.2.

There is still an issue where the borders of hidden windows remain in the foreground, and are accidentally selectable. I don't have a fix for that.

To anyone who hasn't used crossover 20 yet try that.

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