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CrossOver Linux for Office 365 | Cannot sign into account via Office

Hello everyone,

I just purchased the latest version of CrossOver for Linux, and I really need it for school. I honestly am really stubborn and do not want to use Windows. I have successfully installed Office 2016 via my 365 Subscription, everything works just fine, but the sign-in portion of the software does not work. I have tried everything from installing IE 8 to DotNet Framework to see if that will fix it and every time it's the same issue. Once I click sign-in I get the small windows popping up for my Microsoft Account, so I enter it in. After I press enter it acts like it's going to the next page to prompt for the password, but it just stays as a white box with nothing in it. I thought this was an issue with dependencies but I installed everything to get this to work. Unless there is another way to activate, I need to figure out how everyone is getting this to work.

Please advise what to do next, as I'm basically halted until I can figure this out. I do use OpenOffice, but I want to put CrossOver to real work.

Thanks in advance all!

Are you using a "personal" Office 365 subscription or a University/educational one? In the "Tips and Tricks" section of the Office 365 "What Runs" page, Ryan Abhiram ends his excellent instructions with,
"On a final note, if you have a O365 subscription that installs Office 2019, it is not fully supported. Additionally any Business versions are currently problematic in CrossOver. Versions of Office that require 2-step activation (2FA), KMS, and/or University account credentials do not currently activate successfully with CrossOver."

I haven't seen any notices that this has been "fixed". I installed Office 365 a couple of months ago - it installed Office 2019 in Mint Linux 20 using Crossover 19 - I activated the program by logging into my account when prompted in Excel BUT this was my personal subscription, bought from Microsoft and didn't need 2 factor authentication. Could it be that you need 2 factor authentication?

If this is the problem, sorry, not a fix unless you can get around 2FA (change account settings, get an individual to share one of their licenses, or buy a different license subscription)?

FWIW, when I load a PowerPoint presentation with an embedded video, the video does not play in slideshow mode. Not sure if that is just my copy but that could also be a problem if you are reviewing a lecture PowerPoint. You might want to check that you can watch all your PowerPoints correctly before expending a lot more effort.

i also managed to install office 365 (2016 version) but can't login to my university account. i ended up installing O365 on virtualbox win7. purchasing personal office lisence is spending too much money for people like me

Do you have O365 mail with your account? If so, try signing into that in outlook. If you don't have O365 mail (exchange) then from the file tab on the ribbon in word, go to account and try signing in from there. Also, have you tried simulating a reboot from the options in the Office bottle? Sometimes when it doesn't let you sign in, close the office app you're using to try and sign in, go to the bottle in the crossover app, scroll down to control panels, and double click on Simulate Reboot. Then load word and try signing in.

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