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Missing libc6-i386 package needed for installation
Dave Harper
Dave Harper
Posted 2016-03-28 15:46
I am trying to evaluate CrossOver Linux on a new Raspberry Pi 3 (64-bit) running Raspbian 8.0.  During the install I get an error message about libc6.  After a bit of checking I found an article that indicated I needed to install libc6-i386.  However, this package does not seem to exist.  Is there something newer that I should be using?

Josh DuBois
Josh DuBois  Staff Member
Posted 2016-03-28 15:48
CrossOver requires an x86 chip to run.  It will not run on your Pi, because your Pi has an ARM processor.

You could run it under qemu, perhaps, but I suspect that would be quite slow.
Dave Harper
Dave Harper
Posted 2016-03-28 16:23
Darn - completely missed that part.  Eventually my intent is to be running on an X86 architecture but before I commit my development system to Linux rather than Windows I want to be able to verify that the tools I will need can be run.  Looks like I may have to invest in a cheap X86 system for further evaluation.

Thanks for the response,
Josh DuBois
Josh DuBois  Staff Member
Posted 2016-03-28 16:26
If you already have a Windows box you may have decent luck installing some Linux flavor in a VM on that box and trying CrossOver from there (I don't use Windows so I don't have a pointer to which VM might be a good one).  It may still be slow, but likely usable enough for some evaluation.
J-P Simard
J-P Simard Omniscient Mystical Exalted Nigh-invincible Supreme Raging Atomic Dragon Turbo Chief Senior Advocate, Rank 4
Posted 2016-03-28 19:01
I would go with VirtualBox.

Forget gaming with virtualbox, as it still doesn't offer much in that area. But for anything else, it should run pretty much every distro out there with a decent speed. It will never be as fast as on bare metal, but fast enough to get a really good idea of how things work. That includes running work like applications. If you keep in mind the slight slowdown that VMs cause, it should be fine to test Crossover on Virtualbox with the any distro.

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