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Can't copy and paste into Rootsmagic notes in Crossover

I am using Crossover 18.5.0. Just installed a week ago so it should be the current version.

I am running it on Ubuntu 18.04.

I installed Rootsmagic using the current Rootsmagic tie, from the Rootsmagic page, which allegedly does the fixes for Rootsmagic to work. Let me know if it leaves something out!

I am not able to copy and paste from my web browser, which is Chrome, into notes in Rootsmagic in Crossfire. It pretends to work but no text appears. Doesn't matter if I use right click method or ctrl V method.

Google found a thread about the same problem with Crossover Mac in versions 15 and 16 and you were allegedly going to fix it, having allegedly already fixed it once in version 15 - that was a long time ago.

Is there a workaround, or something I should install in the bottle I don't know about, or should I request a refund? You can't do genealogical research without copy and paste, and by the time I even got Rootsmagic to sometimes WORK in Crossover I also do have it running on 32 bit windows 7 in a virtual drive in VirtualBox. Crossover is more convenient - if it works!

Whatever the problem is may have something specific to do with Rootsmagic. In my Windows 7 Rootsmagic installation in Virtualbox I can't copy and paste from my web browser into Rootsmagic notes either, though the copy and paste and clipboard functions both ways are fully enabled. I can copy and paste into Notepad in my Windows 7 installation in VirtualBox with no problem.

I am running the current version of Rootsmagic. I just updated it. In Crossover I'm running whatever version of Rootsmagic your Rootsmagic tie installs. If it goes out and gets the current version that would be last week's.

But, I can evidently not only copy from my web browser outside of VirtualBox and paste it into Notepad inside of VirtualBox, but I can then copy the same text from Notepad and paste it into VirtualBox with no problem.

I can also paste the same text into Gedit outside of VirtualBox, and then copy it, and paste it into Rootsmagic notes inside of Virtual Box.

This being the case, I shut down Windows 7 and closed out of VirtualBox, opened Crossfire, opened Rootsmagic, opened somebody's notes, copied the same text from Gedit, which is a Ubuntu text editor, and pasted it into Rootsmagic inside of Crossfire with no problem.

That suggests that the specific problem is trying to copy and paste from a web browser into any virtual drive sort of solution to running Rootsmagic. Perhaps it is that something is going awry with the HTML code?


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