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World of Tanks Install Fail

CrossOver Linux 19.0.1 [Full Version/Not Trial]
Install location: /opt/cxoffice
64-bit OS
Desktop session: plasma
Window manager: KWin
NAME="Ubuntu" Clean Install
VERSION="19.10 (Eoan Ermine)"

I have attempted to install WoT using both the Win7 & Win10(64) bottles.
I get all of the Windows files installed without issue but; when I get to the
Wargaming install, I receive "Error connecting to the internet. Please check
your connection." I have verified that nothing is happening via the internet
connection at this point; my download falls to 0 and the install hangs at that
point. Am I missing something?


I do not think World of Tanks will work at moment in crossover.
That becouse with only network cable or wifi.
World Of tanks want a wifi connections to start with.
then I saw in the log two api is not yet implement in wine/CrossOver for wifi
0264:fixme:ver:GetCurrentPackageId (0x97ff0c (nil)): stub
0263:fixme:wlanapi:WlanRegisterNotification (00000001, 65535, 1, 09722860, 007DC530, 00000000, 00000000) stub
0281:fixme:wlanapi:WlanEnumInterfaces (00000001, 00000000, 096FDD68) semi-stub
The first one has nothing to do with network. The two other req wifi connections wifi cards in you computer.
and wine and crossover does not support those two api.
I think that is the issue here. so send a ticket with full log of World of Tanks to crossOver

I have got WoT working

looking at the default install CrossOver will download the installer from
I'm thinking that is the issue though i need to do some more testing.

What I did was copy my Wot folder from my windows hdd over to my linux hdd.
I then installed the CrossOver default bottle install but when it got to the WoT install I then stopped the install.
I then opened the Run command then in the Command section I directed it to the WorldOfTanks.exe and created a launcher out of it too.

my next experiment I will try it using what I downloaded from WoT's website just to see if the WG game center works or if its the problem.

on a side note lutris gives you a selection of server regions to install,though I'm not having much luck with lutris for my other games so I haven't bothered to install WoT through lutris.

wg game center is working as i installed the default.

as for network connection I'm using a eithernet cable to my router which goes to a 4G modem

ok Wot needs the WGC to update having tried it with a fresh install and link to a my older winder folder i get 2 error codes for a fresh install i get 2023 using the crossover default install.the 2nd i get is 3023 using the window 7 64bit trying to update my older windows 64bit client. so guessing here and waiting on hearing back from WoT to see if these are firewall permissions.

I should also like to mention when I had an update game client I could run the game without needing the WGC

asked wargaming if those error codes were network issues and they replied with

Add WGC to antivirus/firewall exceptions
Clear DNS Cache:

Press the Windows key + R to open your run dialog (or start menu > run).  
Enter the exact commands:

ipconfig /registerdns  
netsh winsock reset

Press Enter (You must have administrative privileges to complete this action)

and DNS server address

they know I'm on linux but they don't officially support it and as wine is trying to be windows for linux.this would be the reason why they can only give us stuff on how to do it if in a windows OS.

I should also mention when I open game settings from the WGC then add game to firewall exceptions I get a pop up saying windows firewall is turned off.Even though all the other links work.

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