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Quicken 2013 Registration Freezes
Doug Gorder
Doug Gorder
Posted 2015-08-08 11:03
I recently installed Crossover 14 to run Quicken 2013 for Windows.  Quicken installs and I can open my data file but when I try to download transactions, it asks me to register.  When I register, Quicken appears to launch a mini-browser and I get a message that registration was successful, with one option - "Finish."

Unfortunately, when I click on Finish, it freezes and the lower left of the mini-browser has a "Connecting..." status that never changes.

I found something on the Quicken forums about a mondo update which I then attempted to install using Crossover, but received a message that my c: drive needs at least 100MB of free space to install the update, and I apparently don't have that.  Since the c: drive is virtual in Crossover, I'm not sure how to increase it's size, or even see what's allocated to it now.

Ideas on either of these issues?
Striker Leggette
Striker Leggette
Posted 2015-08-19 14:13
Hey Doug!

Let's grab some logs.  Follow these instructions:

As soon as you click 'Finish' and the application freezes, copy the log file to a separate location so that the errors are easily viewable and nothing else is written to the log.  After the log is copied somewhere, feel free to close the app and upload the log somewhere public.  Paste the log link in here afterwards.

Striker Leggette
Striker Leggette
Posted 2015-08-19 14:16

Sorry for the double post.  I just found this!

A comment made by Jack Phinney:
Quicken registration is currently not supported in CrossOver. However, there is a workaround to bypass the Quicken registration window and proceed to a banking connection. You won't be able to update your accounts until you de-activate the registration prompt.

To disable the registration prompt, launch Quicken, and go to the "Tools" menu. Hold down the Left Shift+Left Control keys and click "One Step Update". You will then see a notification that you won't be prompted to register again.


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