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Moving the "C:" drive
Hi, I recently switched from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 14.04 (still running windows while I work out the kinks) but long story short I have a 250GB SSD and a 1TB HDD and by default Crossover places the Bottles on the main drive, so my questions are, 1. Is it possible to move the faux C: drive to another location or 2. can I install the Steam bottle in this C: drive and then link the library to where the games are currently installed in the HDD?
Thanks in advance for any input.
One of the most "frequently asked questions" on this forum...

Although, if I were in your situation I would move the entire ~/.cxoffice and symlink that so that new bottle are created there too. A symlink, with the ln command, is a good way to make moving a directory or file transparently to software. If they look for the move directory or file, they will just follow the symlink.

so I would do this (adjust to your path):

$ mv ~/.cxoffice/ /media/externaldrive/

$ ln -s /media/externaldrive/.cxoffice ~/.cxoffice

If this is "the most asked" question on this forum, why Codeweavers team spent time to customize the interface instead of developing a real copy / paste / move /set preference tool for bottle location ?

What would be the answer for Mac OS X ?


The solution is actually the same as on Linux.

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