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Serious drop frame rate when engaging targets in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria
Stephen Torri
Stephen Torri
Posted 2014-06-28 22:19
I have installed the NVIDIA binary drivers on Linux Mint 17 (64-bit). Without the NVIDIA Experience I dont know which settings I should be using for the game. I am noticing a rapid drop in frame rates when I engage a single target. If I don't engage a target I see 80-100 fps in zones and about 40-60 in cities. I switched the  Grphics settings down to Low and still see this issue. I don't know how to use nvidia-settings to see if there is something I should be doing to setup the NVIDIA driver.

I noticed that the drop in frame rate if the toon I have is moved during combat. If the NPC and the toon stay still it looks fine.

I disabled AddOns and saw the FPS in combat to be fine. The culprit was the addon Bloodhound2. It apparently doesn't play nice with Wow on Linux

I will have to make an inquiry in to the developers of Bloodhound 2 to see if they can understand what is going on?

---- CXDIAG output ----

"Title"="Missing 32bit library"
"Description"="This may be needed for Windows applications to automatically detect CD-ROM and USB key insertion."

"Title"="Missing 32bit library"
"Description"="This is needed by some applications that need to manipulate TIFF images in their user interface."


"opengl.vendor"="NVIDIA Corporation"

"opengl.version"="4.4.0 NVIDIA 331.38"

"opengl.renderer"="GeForce GTX 780 Ti/PCIe/SSE2"

This issue has been forwarded to the Official CodeWeavers Ticket System.  If you have observed this issue and would like to report it as well, please open a support ticket or send an email to with a description of what you are seeing and a link to this post.

Thank you!
The CodeWeavers Team

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