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Google Earth Pro/Windows & Ubuntu 14.04/64bit
Since I need Google Earth on Ubuntu 14.04LTS/64 bit, but the provided 64 bit Linux package by Google has a glaring issue with displaying the Panaramio embedded pictures which I also need, I decided to try the -now free- Google Earth Pro under CrossOver 13.2.0. It installed fine, and seems works fine.... for a while..  After about 5-10 minutes of use any attempt to show any of the Panaramio pix or any of the Webcams.Travel webcams are blank, with no photo or webcam image shown. The Panaramio or Webcams.Travel branding on the actual window that pops up is still there, unlike the issue I get with the native Linux 64 bit GE, where I just get a blank white popup *box*. With the windows version under Crossover, its simply the photo or webcam that is missing.  Even after the pictures stop displaying, the program still continues to work fine otherwise.
When I exit GE, it closes fine, no errors, *however*, if I do a ps -xua I often find that the app is still running, and when this happens, I cannot restart GE until I kill -15 the
GE process. Once I've done that, I'm able to restart GE and *usually* the pix/webcams are back.

I understand that Google Earth is not an officially supported app, but I wanted to find out if anybody else trying GE on Crossover are seeing this issue..

For whatever it's worth, all of Mint and all of Ubuntu can't display those photos, in 32 bit (which is what I have) as well as 64 bit (which is what you have).   The workaround is to go to the web site the photos are on and search for that place, and a map will come up with the camera icons and you will be able to view the photos.

I've tried every distro of both ubuntu and Mint, and I've tried a variety of video card and video driver solutions.  

Haven't tried to get it to work in Crossover or Wine, however.   Google Earth works fine in Ubuntu and Mint (after upgrading my video card), except for that one feature.  

I'd like to be able to make jigsaw puzzles with those photos.   Without having to run around Robin Hood's barn to do it.

Anyhow, it's a Google Earth compatibility with Linux problem, not a Wine/ Crossover problem.  

I can never remember the name of the web site, and it isn't like this forum helpfully lets one view a post while replying to it.  

did get GE standard to work fairly well on LinuxMint 13 LTS and Cx14,
but had some issues with GE Pro working.

GE pro just wouldn't render very well at all.

but, for the average user - GE standard would be better suited,
- maybe even for the average business user, as well.

that's using the OpenGL video mode, but:  it was really meant to used with the direct-X video mode

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